The most precious gifts in our life come in a disguise. Everything in life is a gift from the Divine. Every day we are blessed with gifts from the Divine, and our spiritual fathers and mothers. Sometimes we recognize these gifts and we are very grateful.

The greatest gifts come in a disguise.
The Divine gives us a treasure, but it is far too big to receive directly. If we received it directly it would be too overwhelming or we would not understand or embrace it fully.

The most precious gifts are often our life challenges that allow us to grow and learn.

Master Marilyn says “We need to be prepared to receive the fullness of the gift. To do that, the gift must be wrapped in what I describe as prickly paper and tied up with barbed wire.”

We must slowly unwrap the gift and receive the beauty that is waiting inside. The gift is wrapped around divine love that will help you become closer to the Divine.

As I read how she described these gifts, I recall all my biggest lessons so far in my spiritual journey and it makes sense why she would describe these gifts as such.

My greatest gifts where always my greatest challenges that I had to overcome. Once I overcame these challenges and difficulties I had the biggest spiritual awakenings that helped me to become closer to the Divine and be filled with greater love, forgiveness, compassion, and light.

I love the story that Master Marilyn gives about not being approved for the Shi Fu (dedicated spiritual father or mother) program and how she dealt with her approval.

The part that touched my heart was when she heard the Divine say to her “This is my gift of love to you. I love you so much that I want to remove the obstacles and barriers that make it difficult for you to live my presence fully.” This is such a beautiful response from the Divine when we face a challenge or obstacle in our life.

We sometimes experiences in our lives like sadness, depression, sickness, death or financial challenges. Each of these challenges is wrapped around the gift of divine love that will help us to connect to the Divine more closely.

I have learned in my journey that the most appropriate response to all the gifts in life is “thank you.” Embrace the gift. Focus on the gift and not the wrapping and you will find the beauty within. Being disappointed, upset or negative at life challenges and difficulties will not transform your situation.

Simply say “thank you” to all life’s challenges is the key to the soul journey.

Today, simply say “thank you” to everything new in your life, and to all the gifts that you receive today.

With the greatest love,
Master Francisco Quintero