I found a beautiful, heart-touching, and inspirational film by Louie Schwarzberg “Gratitude” that reminds us that we can be happier in our daily lives if we experience our world through gratitude. Our hearts will open in a profound way that can help us to discover the beauty in everyone in our daily lives.

This film is another way to describe what Master Marilyn Smith says about gratitude:

“Gratitude and happiness will be a source of health and energy. When you connect with one or both of these qualities, there is a shift. You can choose to live your life with animation (which you will remember is a soul-to-soul connection), appreciation, reverence, respect, and joy. It is just that simple. It is a matter of choice.”

Today watch the film, and begin to experience your life with gratitude. Say “thank you” to all the beautiful and new things in your life. Observe the beauty in all that exists in your life today. Your life will be blessed.

With the greatest love and appreciation,

Master Francisco Quintero