I have been inspired by Master Marilyn’s words “When we experience gratitude, we experience a very deep and inner response that includes appreciation, respect, and reverence. These three qualities are essential ingredients for a truly grateful heart.” This words have been stuck in my head and they have become a mantra for me that past few days.

My goal is to develop a more grateful heart so I can serve humanity in a more powerful way.

Today I recorded a beautiful mediation on BlogTalkRadio titled Mediation to Develop a Grateful Heart. Master Marilyn’s words on the ingredients of a grateful heart were the inspiration for this mediation. I hope each of you receive great benefits from the mediation.

Click here to listen now: Meditation to Develop a Grateful Heart.

For day two, listen to the mediation and share your experiences with others. Sharing is an act of love and service to make others happier and healthier.

With the greatest love,
Master Francisco Quintero