How would you describe happiness? Master Marilyn Smith has a fascinating and interesting way to describe happiness that has allowed me to think differently about what happiness is.

Today I realized at a deeper level the importance of maintaining a soul-to-soul connection with every soul in my life.

Master Marilyn describes happiness in Gratitude: A Key to Happiness as it being animated. I looked up the word animated and it was described as “endowed with life or the qualities of life, and also full of vigor and spirit.”

Master Marilyn says “A person who is animated has a soul-to-soul connection with all the events, situations, and persons that are part of his or her life at the moment.” This gave me deeper insight to my personal happiness.

I had an AHA moment. I love to be animated. I love theatre, drama and performance. Every time I going into this condition I connect deeply with the things around me and I can go into a feeling of joy and freedom.

By connecting to the souls that are part of my experiences I can become one with them and share my love and light with them.

Think about all the souls that are part of your everyday experiences and in this moment. This includes the souls of your family members, friends, co-workers, but also the soul of your home, the soul of your coffee or tea pot, the soul of your car, the souls of your flowers, the soul of your desk, the soul of your job, the soul of your favorite sport, the soul of your favorite movie, etc.

Everything and everyone has a soul.

To connect to these souls is easy. Simply say hello. All you have to do is make a heart-to-heart connection and send love to that aspect of your life. Talk to the soul and tell it how much you love it and that it has the power to do a good job. Simply say “I love you,” and you will experience a deep connection.

Once you are connected to the souls of your everyday experiences and in the moment you can sing and dance to them with the greatest happiness.

Here is the one-sentence secret for happiness:

“Happiness is living a soul-to-soul connection
with all the events, situations, and people who
are part of your life at any given moment.”

~ Master Marilyn Smith

Let me now lead you through the happiness practice on p. 12 from Gratitude: A key to Happiness. Listen now.

Today share with others what you feel happiness means, and spend a moment to connect with the souls of your everyday experiences and in the moment.

Thank you everyone. Love you everyone.

With the greatest love,
Master Francisco Quintero