Fifteen Days of Gratitude: Day 1 What is Gratitude?

Today I randomly had two people express their gratitude to me in such a beautiful and heart touching way. This happened right after reading Master Marilyn’s new book Gratitude: A Key to Happiness. Today I read the section on “What is Gratitude?” I learned the deeper meaning of gratitude and how it includes a response of respect and reverence.

I paid attention how these two people expressed their gratitude and it was exactly how Master Marilyn described it. It was so beautiful to see the teachings come to life. As the first person expressed their gratitude I could feel a deep sense of respect and appreciation that was overwhelming. It came from the heart and was very sincere.

The second person described to me how great they feel when they express their gratitude by saying “Thank you” even for the smallest blessing they receive in their life. The minute they say “Thank you” they feel connected to Jesus, and the Divine.

In each of these experiences I felt the essential ingredients of a grateful heart which includes appreciation, respect and reverence. It was divine timing that these people showed their appreciation right after reading the qualities of a grateful heart. As I did the practice on including respect and reverence in my expression of gratitude I felt my heart expand and beautiful light radiate in my heart. I experienced a spark of joy that has filled my day with love and light.

Listen now to the Gratitude Practice: Respect and Reverence. You can find the practice on p. 8 in Gratitude: A Key to Happiness by Master Marilyn.

Today share with others what you feel is gratitude and how it has transformed your life.

With love and blessings,
Master Francisco

8 thoughts on “Fifteen Days of Gratitude: Day 1 What is Gratitude?

  1. Dearest Master Francisco,

    I went to the blog of Master Marilyn and Master Patricia after I read your blog. They’re teaching in the DM Jariwala Orphanage in Mumbai, it was heart touching I was moved to tears. What is gratitude?

    I am very grateful that I was aloud to experience the hospital and stayed there almost 2 month. Learn what Karma is, learn that every service I received in the Hospital and outside, by nurses, doctor, by the technicians was given by the divine. I feel still that I am very blessed,humble and thankful.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you. Ursula

      1. Thank You so much Master Francisco and Master Marilyn for the beautiful teachings on gratitude and the deepening of understanding for myself in feeling the expressions of reverence and respect as I send out my appreciation and gratitude to another. I am so grateful to receive through your soul’s light that I too may grown in my unconditional service and love for all souls. Greatest of Love and Gratitude to you both from my heart and soul to your heart and soul. Shawna Cecil

      2. Thank you Shawna for your sincere and heart felt words.
        I’m sending you my love and light.
        Master Francisco

  2. Thank you Master Francisco for sharing this beautiful and very important teaching of Master Marilyn. I am so greatful to receive a teaching in may 2010 from Master Marilyn about grattitude. To be greatfull for ALL gifts of life is the key for me. Often these gifts are hidding its true gift. It takes courage to unwrap these gifts and look for the diamonds and peals within. Shortly after receiving this beautiful teaching from Master Marilyn I was deeply tested in life. In this dark periode I remember the teaching and started chanting ‘thank you Divine’. I felt life and light come back to me and everything shifted in a instand. For me it was life saving, In this grattitude I found the will to survive, to live and to connect to heaven again. Through grattitude I found the real gifts and the love of the Divine for me to grand me this beautiful experience (gift). I can not be greatful enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Thank you Master Francisco for leading us through this gratitude practice. After this short practice my heart feels light and more open. Thank you for 15 Days of gratitude so we can become better Total GOLD servants. Thank you Thank you Thank you:)

    1. Thank you William for your service.
      I’m sending you my love and light.
      with the greatest love,
      Master Francisco

  4. ” Achtung und Ehrfurcht werden Teil meiner Dankbarkeit.Danke. Dear Master Francisco, a friend send me the little book “Gratitude: A Key to Happiness”, as a Christmasgift . Reading this book,I was filled with gratitude. Thank you Master Marilyn. Thank you Master Francisco for your unconditional service. CBD CBD CBD

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