Today I randomly had two people express their gratitude to me in such a beautiful and heart touching way. This happened right after reading Master Marilyn’s new book Gratitude: A Key to Happiness. Today I read the section on “What is Gratitude?” I learned the deeper meaning of gratitude and how it includes a response of respect and reverence.

I paid attention how these two people expressed their gratitude and it was exactly how Master Marilyn described it. It was so beautiful to see the teachings come to life. As the first person expressed their gratitude I could feel a deep sense of respect and appreciation that was overwhelming. It came from the heart and was very sincere.

The second person described to me how great they feel when they express their gratitude by saying “Thank you” even for the smallest blessing they receive in their life. The minute they say “Thank you” they feel connected to Jesus, and the Divine.

In each of these experiences I felt the essential ingredients of a grateful heart which includes appreciation, respect and reverence. It was divine timing that these people showed their appreciation right after reading the qualities of a grateful heart. As I did the practice on including respect and reverence in my expression of gratitude I felt my heart expand and beautiful light radiate in my heart. I experienced a spark of joy that has filled my day with love and light.

Listen now to the Gratitude Practice: Respect and Reverence. You can find the practice on p. 8 in Gratitude: A Key to Happiness by Master Marilyn.

Today share with others what you feel is gratitude and how it has transformed your life.

With love and blessings,
Master Francisco