I’m on my way to Vancouver, British Columbia with Dr. and Master Sha. We just finished some events in San Francisco, California and now heading to Vancouver for a powerful and exciting workshop – Open Your Spiritual Channels. I love his open spiritual channels workshops because each time my spiritual channels open further and to a higher level. Each of them is unique and the openings that occur always empower me to serve humanity in a more powerful way.

I have had the great honor and privilege to travel with Master Sha around the world to empower humanity to create Soul Healing Miracles in their lives. This has been the most beautiful journey in my life. Soul Healing Miracles can occur in every aspect of life. I have had many Soul Healing Miracles happen in my soul journey that have allowed me to open my spiritual channels. Many of these miracles occurred during workshops like the one that will be held this weekend in Vancouver. You have the power to open your spiritual channels so that you can better serve humanity. I call each of you today to join us this weekend to participate in this exciting event [click here].

Master Sha’s blessings and techniques have allowed be to see with my Third Eye to very deep levels of the human body, and into the highest realms in heaven. It has allowed me to directly communicate with the Divine, my spiritual fathers and mothers, and other divine beings in the soul world with a high degree of accuracy. I can’t thank Master Sha enough for his countless blessings to help me open my spiritual channels so I can better serve humanity. The power that comes through Master Sha during his workshops helps us to fastly open our spiritual channels so that we can communicate with the soul world.

Each day of the Open Your Spiritual Channels workshop I will share my personal experience and insights that I have learned. I look forward to seeing each of you in person or via webcast. I’m very excited at this time and looking forward to land in Vancouver.

With love and blessings,

Master Francisco