It’s summer in Europe. We just completed a five-day Open Spiritual Channels retreat in Ramsau am Dachstein, Austria. Ramsau is located in a beautiful Alpine valley that takes your breath away. You can see the horses galloping in wide open spaces. Milk cows with ringing bells that look happy and healthy. Mountains and peaks as far as the eye can see. The green meadows bring peace and harmony to your soul and heart. Ramsau is a place that is filled with nature and life. It is a place that brings healing to the soul. It frees the soul.

I have been on the spiritual journey for over ten years now and have passed many spiritual tests. To pass your spiritual testing is like being on top of the Dachstein mountains. You feel free. You feel closer to the Divine. You feel closer to the Tao. Spiritual testing allows healing and transformation to take place at a very deep level. It allows you to purify your soul, heart, mind and body so that your soul can be uplifted in heaven.

Spiritual testing may hit you like a big ocean wave, and sometimes it hits you like a big wave after another big wave. It appears to never end, but just like the sea there are periods of peace and silence. In my spiritual journey I have learned five golden keys that have helped me to pass my spiritual tests. I want to share my golden keys with each of you to help you pass your spiritual testing.

Why do we go through the pain of spiritual testing? We go through spiritual tests in order to free our soul. Spiritual testing allows us to purify our soul in order to return to the heart of the Divine. To reach the Divine Realm, to return to the heart of the Divine is not a simple journey at all, but it is one that I believe you can reach if you open your heart to your spiritual teachers so they can help you pass your tests.

Let me share a personal story of my spiritual testing. During the last Tao II retreat in Niagra Falls, Canada I was experiencing a very big spiritual test. At the beginning of the retreat I received a gift from a friend. She could not come to the retreat, but she sent the gift along with another student. It was beautifully wrapped in gold with a purple ribbon. It was so beautifully wrapped I did not want to open it. I kept it wrapped up throughout the whole retreat until the last day when I was having really heavy testing. On the last day I opened it up and it was a journal with the words Gratitude. It was a journal that goes along with Master Marilyn’s Smith book Gratitude. I placed the journal on my desk and continued on with my day.

The last day of the retreat I received a big teaching during the retreat for not accomplishing a Divine Task. I was given the Divine Task to memorize the Tao Immortal Classic as a Worldwide Representative of Master Sha. I did not fully memorize the text and received a teaching because of it. As I bowed to the Divine, I thought of the gift that I have received. I told myself “You need to have gratitude Francisco.” This helped me beyond words. It was a message for me from the soul world trying to help me to see what teaching I had to learn.

The Divine always sends us messages, but we at times do not listen. The first golden key that helps me to pass my spiritual tests is to hear and observe the messages of the Divine, my spiritual fathers and mothers, and all of heaven. This is essential in order to pass your test. I was going through spiritual testing so that I can learn how to have gratitude in my life because in the past I was not very grateful enough for all the blessings the Divine and Tao have given me. This was a very valuable lesson for me to learn and it was masked by the Divine Task I was asked to complete. I’m so honored to have gone through this test because I’m a much more grateful person now. Thank you, Divine. Thank you, Master Sha.

Listen and observe all the messages of the soul world when you are going through spiritual testing. The Divine does not want you to fail. The Divine will support you along the way but you must be open to receive messages form the soul world. Heaven is trying to help you every day to pass your tests so that you can grow in your spiritual journey.

I always trust the Divine that he will show me the way to pass my test so I never give up in my spiritual journey. The second golden key that helps me pass my spiritual tests is to never give up. There will always be someone to help you. There will always be help from the soul world. You just need to be patient and at the right time when you are ready you will receive the support from heaven. I have had to wait for months to receive this support but it always came at the right time when I was ready to open my heart to receive. You may not understand your spiritual tests at the beginning so you need to give yourself some time to experience, learn and grow.

The third golden key that helps me to pass my spiritual tests is to ask for help. Allow others to help you. I will always go to someone I trust and share with them what I am going through. Make sure this person is sincere and will love you unconditionally. Allowing others to help you, especially your teachers, will help you to understand more. Don’t be afraid or ashamed of your issues, blockages and tests. We all go through them. We all share similar issues, blockages and tests related to health, relationships, finances and much more. We are human beings being uplifted through our tests to become saints to serve humanity at this most difficult time on Mother Earth. The Divine, The Tao, all your spiritual fathers and mothers want to help you during this transformation.

What is my fourth soul secret to pass spiritual testing? It is to surrender. The fourth golden key to passing spiritual testing is to surrender to the Divine. From my experience the more I fight or have resistance the bigger pain and test that I experience. I recall times when I had resistance or was fighting in my heart and mind. What did my negativity do? It made me dig my own hole and I felt I could not get out. I realized that I was the one responsible for digging the hole and no one else. What you must realize is that we create our tests through our negativity. The more you allow your negativity to spread the bigger the test that you can experience. Who is testing you? The Divine is testing you. The Divine is seeing how pure you are. You must surrender that you are being tested and simply say “Thank you, Divine.” This will help to stop the negativity allowing you to surrender and pass your tests.

My fifth golden key to pass spiritual testing is to believe in myself. The words of my spiritual father, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, are “I trust in you and believe that you can do it.” His trust in me has empowered me to grow and believe in my spiritual journey. Master Sha is helping us to reach Tao and to reach immortality. To reach Tao and immortality is not a simply journey at all. It requires very, very, very serious purification. Believe in yourself at all times that you can pass your spiritual tests. Believe that you are not alone in your spiritual journey. Believe that the Divine will assist you in the best way possible that will allow you to grow and expand your soul. Divine is holding your hand at all times even when you do not believe he is. We must change our thinking and believe the Divine is always with us.

We must be grateful to spiritual fathers, we must grateful to the Divine, we must be grateful to the Tao for all the blessing and treasures we have received. If we are grateful all of heaven will assist us in passing our spiritual tests.

For today, simple say thank you to Master Sha, the Divine, the Tao, to Da Tao for all the blessings you have received. Sincerely give thanks to them all. For anyone that needs a blessing to pass their spiritual testing please simply share a short story with others on the blog and I will send a blessing. By sharing your story we can learn from each other.

We can’t bow down enough. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I love you all.

Master Francisco Quintero