Soul Wellness: Day 98 I Miss You Grandmother

I’m coming home. I’m on a flight from Frankfurt, Germany to San Francisco, California to visit my family for the holidays. My family lives in Watsonville, California which is 1.5 hours south of San Francisco in a beautiful farming town along the Monterey Bay. I’m crying because this will be the first Christmas without my grandmother and grandfather. I lost my grandfather on February 9, 2011. I wrote a very special blog about him on Day 71. I also lost my grandmother this year a few months later after my grandfather’s death (both from my father’s side). My grandmother died on August 17, 2011. I knew in my heart that she would transition in February during my grandfather’s funeral. I saw the pure love that she had for him. I saw she deeply missed him. I can tell that her journey on Mother Earth was almost over.

My grandmother’s name is Maria Jesus Quintero. She was 89 years old and was married to my grandfather for 68 years. I feel very luck, privileged, honored and filled with gratitude to have had two loving grandparents. I believe that they were soul mates and they wanted to be in heaven together. I miss you grandmother. I love you grandmother.

My grandmother had a very gentle and loving spirit and loved all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren very much. She and my grandfather often took care of all the grandchildren and great grandchildren after school and when our parents were working. She had 14 grandchildren and five great grandchildren when she transitioned. In all my years I never heard her talk negative about anyone. I never heard her complain. I believe her soul was enlightened when she was born onto this Earth.

I have deep deep gratitude in my heart on this day because I believe that she helped me in my spiritual journey. I love her very much and miss her very much. Our ancestors play a major role in our spiritual journey so it’s always extremely important to honor your parents, grandparents and entire lineage. Our grandmother’s play a special role in helping us to learn, grow and allow our soul’s to expand. Here is a short teaching from the soul of my grandmother:

Message from the Soul of my Grandmother

“My dear brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, I love you all. The Mother Earth transition is about opening the hearts of all of humanity, and all souls. It is about developing the quality of a grandmother’s love that is pure and unconditional. It is important that you open your heart and allow your unconditional love to come out. Your children, brothers and sisters, parents, friends, coworkers, and all of humanity need unconditional love at this time. It is this quality of love from a grandmother that will hold your family and humanity together. It is what gives strength to a family. It is what will help to save humanity during the Mother Earth transition.

Don’t be afraid to open your heart more fully. Many of you are purifying very deeply so that your love can be unconditional. Grandmothers have experienced suffering, and tasted the suffering of humanity longer than you have. They understand more deeply in their hearts what you are going through. They understand that you need support, that you need love, that you need compassion, that you need forgiveness in your life in order to grow. In order to be a messenger of the Divine you must allow these same qualities of love, forgiveness, compassion and light to develop within you deeply.

Each of you is being prepared to help humanity. Each of you is being prepared to help all souls. This is a special time on Mother Earth. If you serve unconditionally in this life you will have the possibility of coming home, to the heart of the Divine. Don’t miss this opportunity. Follow your spiritual journey. Remember to honor and respect your parents, grandparents, and ancestors. They have blessed you more than you realize. Remember them when you have the opportunity to show your honor and respect. Each time you honor your ancestors they will bless you.

This is a very important time for each of you to say “I love you,” to your friends, family and loved ones. Do not be afraid to show how much you care about others, about how much you love others. Your family needs your love. Your friends you’re your love. Humanity needs your love. This is my message on this day.”

Thank you grandmother for this teaching. I’m so honored and appreciative. My grandmother sends her love to each of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I understand the significance of gratitude and unconditional love now more deeply in my role as a servant of the Divine. Thank you. I love you.

Today I would like all of us to show are gratitude and appreciation to our grandmothers. They have served us so much and have taught us so much. Let us chant Love Peace and Harmony to show our appreciation and gratitude.

Practice to Honor and Appreciate Your Grandmothers

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of your chest). Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say, “Dear soul, mind and body of all our grandmothers, we love you all. We are so honored and appreciative of your unconditional love and support. Thank you. Dear soul, mind and body of all souls of humanity, I love you. Please chant with us the Divine Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony to bless all our all our grandmothers. I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you.

Mind Power. Visualize rainbow light radiating in the hearts of your grandmothers. Beautiful rainbow light radiates in their Message Center.

Sound Power. Chant the Divine Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony.

I love my heart and soul
I love all of humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love peace and harmony
Love peace and harmony

Chant the Divine Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony for 10-30 minutes to show your gratitude and appreciation to your grandmothers.

If you have never met your grandmothers, know that their souls still hold you tenderly in their hearts. You can still call on their souls to be with you. Their souls will bless and love you beyond words. Have faith. Trust. You are loved.

Today show your gratitude and appreciation to your grandmothers by chanting Love Peace and Harmony. In your journal write down your experience chanting and anything you would like to say to your grandmothers. They will deeply appreciate your love.

I miss you grandmother. I love you grandmother. Thank you for all the blessings in my life.

With love,

Master Francisco Quintero

12 thoughts on “Soul Wellness: Day 98 I Miss You Grandmother

  1. Dear Francisco
    Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2012. I wish you a special holiday in sunny California.

    Your post today was heart touching. I first of all want to express my love and gratitude to Maria Jesus for her message and service to us. I am sure without doubt, she is so very proud of you and your work. I am sure you will indeed miss her physical presence this year. I understand.

    This will be my first year without my father, Isak. A lively Dutchman who settled in Canada. He was a devoted father and taught me much. How I wish I could hold him near, touch his hand and see his smiling blue eyes. He also will be missed. Though he has assisted me from the other side. He was 94yrs old.

    Thank you for the post. Thank you to our beloved ancestors. We celebrate their journey and send them our everlasting love and gratitude.

    L:ove Shirley

  2. Dear Master Francisco, thank you for sharing such a beautiful message from your grandmother. Today, I invited both my grandmothers for blessings during the 15 Soul Healing Blessings for Humanity and I could feel that they were very grateful. Both my grandmothers have transitioned but I can feel that they are supporting my spiritual journey beyond my understanding and I feel very blessed. Thank you for your wonderful message today.

  3. Dear Master Francisco, thank you very much for your beautiful heart touching sharing. I was very moved. I am also very grateful for this reminder to connect with our loved ones especially at this time. I was crying becasue I realized I don´t do it enough. I often simply don´t take the time. Even to write a postcard. Its was very helpful to see this pain in my heart and also to relief the grief. In this lifetime I only met my grandpartens on my fathers side in person and my grandmother Maria is a very strong lady who had a very tough life and who worked her whole life very hard. She always had a lot of wisdom and she helped me a lot on my journey. Her channels were always a kind of open but she is not a person that talks about it but her guidance that she gave me here and there was always very powerful. I haven´t seen my grandmother for many years as she still lives in Poland and I did not go there for 15 years. But when I saw her after that long time last year for the first time, it was like we were never separate. She still knew what my favourite food was when I was a little girl (even she has 10 grand children) and prepared it for me and as she has done erlier, she wrapped the pot in a towel and put it under her pillow to keep it warm. She loved to receive blessings and she also put the book of Master Sha that I brought her close to her bed. I was very touched by the trust she showed towards me by doing this. She told me next day that the energy coming out from the book was so strong that she could not sleep the whole night. She said that she does not fully understand what I am doing but that she is happy that I am happy.This really touched my heart very deeply because I could feel her unconditional love to me…
    Thank you very much for your beautiful message grandmother Maria Jesus Quintero. You have a beautiful grandson and a wonderful granddaughter Gloria. These are the ones I know. And I love them very much. With conutless bow downs.

  4. Thank you Master Francisco for todays message on honouring our grandmothers and ancestors. As I chanted LPH both of my grandmothers from this lifetime and every lifetime came before me. Beautiful rainbow light radiated from their message centres. Each gave such love back to me as we chanted together. I too am now a grandmother to two beautiful grandchildren and boy and girl. Each day I pray to be the best role model possible. To give them unconditional love and support. It is so important that each of us opens our hearts as fully as possible, to love as fully as possible, to serve as fully as possible. I love you Master Francisco from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your total gold service. tytyty

  5. Dear Master Francisco,

    Thank you for your beautifully honest and open sharing! Thank you also for the flow and teaching from your grandmother! She is beautiful! Such amazing love. I felt it very strongly.

    I never knew my maternal grandmother. She passed before I was born. Then again I lived with my paternal grandmother for the first 6 years of my life. She was my “childcare”. I stayed with her during the weeks and went home to the city for weekends. Sometimes I stayed with her even for weekends. I spent all school Summer holidays at her place, as they were 2.5 months long.

    She taught me SOOO much. Still today so many things, I remember with appreciation and honour as she taught me those skills, knowledge etc. She passed on in 2006. This totally changed who I was as a person. This grandmother was in many ways more of a mother to me than my physical mother was. It took me while to process the grief of her passing. I loved her so very much!

    She is with me very often. She manifests coins to inform me that she is near/with me. It is wonderful to come across a coin at random or touch one in my pocket and remember that it is a signal from her. 🙂

    I very much appreciated the practice. It was beautiful to do. I really felt and appreciated what your grandmother said about grandmothers experience in life and their ability to love with wisdom and conditions. That’s exactly how mine was.

    Thank you so much!

  6. Dear Master Francisco thank you for giving me an opportunity and showing me in this beautiful way how to honor my grandmother. My grandmother Edna transition three weeks ago, she was 105. Thank you for this. Thank you Thank You. I love you

  7. Dear master Francisco, thank you so much for these beautiful words and the exercise. The tears are flowing on my face. I’ve never really realize how much and deeply my grandmother and I were connected. She died last year at age 96. She has lived her life, though she was already young a widow. Her love for her husband and the Divine was our connection. I was only 8 years old when Grandpa died but I met him years later when I saw him as my spiritual guide. From that moment on Grandma and I talked about him. She never understood how I got to know so much of Grandpa but she enjoyed the talks that we had about him and the Divine.

    She was one of the few people with whom I could share my deep love to the Divine so openly. Since I’ve met Master Sha and Master Francisco I share my love to the Divine with every one that is willing to listen. I am using the words that I only ever spoke to my grandmother. Thank you so much Grandma that I ones could exercise with you. Now I speak our words to all souls. Thank you so much Master Sha and Master Francisco for the spiritual path that you show me. Thank you God for all the light, love, compassion and forgiveness that I may receive and learning to give. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    With Love to you all, Karin

  8. My Beloved Master Francisco,
    I am so thankful for your beautiful message here. It is amazing how the grandparents have such a strong influence on each of us. Just recently I was blessed tremendously by my deceased grandparents. They told me that they understand the work I am about and support me wholeheartedly. And they showered me with blessings and showered me some more. I was initially stunned and deeply thankful for this outpouring of blessings. And this goes to confirm Master Sha’s teaching about how powerful it is for one’s soul journey to offer Enlightenment to our ancestors…..if we can. And offering your food is another wonderful opportunity to serve them too. I am so appreciative of my ancestors and their love and support. TY TY TY.

  9. Thank you Master Francisco and thank you to your Grandmother and ALL Grandmothers. I felt the pain of too missing my grandmother and am grateful to clear more of this and feel the gentle love, care and compassion that flows through her and all our grandmothrers more fully. Thank you for your beautiful words and teachings and light within them 🙂 I am most grateful to receive. All love to All ❤

  10. Liiiiiieeeeeber Meister Francisco, DANKE, DANKE, DANKE für diesen Beitrag und Danke für Dein weit offene Herz, ein Göttliches Herz, rein und klar, voller Mitgefühl und Liebe. DANKE-
    Meine Großmutter war auch sehr viel für mich da.Ich werde Deine Lehre annehmen LIEBER MEISTER FRANCISKO und für sie singen und im Herzen mit ihr sprechen.
    Meinem Enkelkind wurde die Liebe zu ihrer Großmutter verwehrt – zu eng war unsere Beziehung und zu liebevoll .Ego und Macht der Ämter und Schaltzentralen zerstörten alles und lassen die Kinderseele leiden und das Bewußtsein verändern. Wird das Kind je verstehen, warum es die Liebe ihrer Großmutter nicht mehr erfahren darf? LIEBER gOTT; BITTE BESCHÜTZE DIE KLEINE kINDDERSEELE – VIELEN dANK:

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