Soul Wellness: Day 94 Getting Closer to Your Heart, and Your Emotions and Your Love

One of the most important things in your spiritual journey will be to get closer to your heart, to get closer to your emotions and your love. Over the past few months I have been learning what it truly means to have an open heart, and to share my love with others. I can honestly say it has been very beautiful, and very painful. I’ve been going through some of the most intense spiritual tests and purification processes that I have ever been through in my spiritual journey. The more I understand about having my heart open, the more I cry because I realize what I have been missing in my life. What I have realized over the past few months is that I must learn how to show my true nature in order for my love to radiate to all souls. This is painful because it means I must let go of mind-sets, attitudes, beliefs, ego, attachments, to trust, and to surrender to the power of love.

The most important thing I have learned is that I must trust everything that is within me. Trust everything that I’m becoming. Trust in everything that I am. Trust my spiritual teacher, Master Zhi Gang Sha. Trust the Divine. Trust the Tao. Trust must be there in order for the heart to open more fully. Trust must be there in order to heal and transform your emotions. Trust must be there in order to connect to love. We can have very deep pain and hurt related to past lives that block us from fully trusting. In order to get closer to your heart, to your emotions and to love you must release these blockages.

The opening of the heart is possible for everyone. Developing your trust is also possible. Master Zhi Gang Sha says “I have the Soul Power to transform my consciousness and every aspect of my life and enlighten my soul, heart, mind and body.” This is a powerful statement because it means we have the power to transform all aspects of our life. The Soul Power Series empowers people to transform their lives. This is why I have dedicated my life to bringing these teachings to humanity.

Here is a powerful exercise you can do to help you to transform your blockages in order to get closer to your heart, to your emotions and to love. Enjoy!

Practice to Get Closer to Your Heart, to Your Emotions and Your Love

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest). Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say, “Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine, I love you. Can you please sit in my Message Center? I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you. Please open my heart, balance my emotions, and connect me to pure love. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize a rainbow light ball rotating in your Message Center. Your whole body is radiating rainbow light from head to toe, skin to bone.

Sound Power. Chant silently or aloud:

Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball
Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball
Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball
Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball
Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball

Practice chanting for 15-30 minutes. In order to fully open your heart, have balanced emotions, and connect with the purest love in the universe you must have first inner love, peace and harmony. Once you have reached the level of having inner love, peace and harmony your love will radiate to all souls much more profoundly. You will transform those around you with the frequency and vibration that you radiate. The Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball is one of the most powerful Divine treasures to help you reach inner love, peace and harmony.

Today practice chanting Divine Love Peace Harmony Rainbow Light Ball for 15-30 minutes and write down your experience in your journal. If you have challenges in your relationships or have emotional imbalances I recommend you practice daily.

Love you! Love you! Love you!

Francisco Quintero

11 thoughts on “Soul Wellness: Day 94 Getting Closer to Your Heart, and Your Emotions and Your Love

  1. Thank you so much Master Francisco for this beautiful and timely message, which I opened right after finishing my Forgiveness practice this morning and thinking–‘How can I feel more love?–how I get to a place where I can open my heart more?”

    Thank you also for sharing you own personal difficulties and testing with this.Even understanding that the higher your spiritual level, the more difficult the testing, I guess I always assume that high level Masters don’t struggle with the same issues their students do, so I am very grateful for your candour and openess. I love the rainbow light ball practice, thank you for reminding me of its power. Love You, Love You Love You.

  2. Thank you for sharing this powerful Soul Wellness, Master Francisco. I´m deeply touched and feel the power of this wonderful treasure now.
    It also reminds me to a song. I`ve not heard it for ages. It was in 1984 Hol(l)y Johnson/Frankie goes to hollywood: The Power of Love … it seems that i know now some more of my blockages
    ì´m so grateful for your directness, honesty and to remember to the power of pure love and to practice more.
    i´ve got one more priceless treasure to get closer to my heart, emotions and love, now.
    It helps me to grow and serve humanity.
    from the bottom of my heart
    Thank you thank you thank you
    love you love you love you

  3. Thank you, Francisco, for sharing this practice with us and for your sharing your innermost thoughts about what you are going through with your own testing and purification. I, too, am going through testing and purification with respect to “trust” and know that I must remove all those negative mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, ego and attachments and to fully connect with my heart and with pure love. This practice will help me to focus on that and to bring more peace and joy into my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you and love you, love you, love you, Francisco.

  4. Thank you so much Master Francisco for this message. I have been going through the series of spiritual testing since couple of weeks ago when you were leading the Saturday “Soul Heal Blessing for Humanity” session. That day I went through strong uncontrollable sobbing when you mentioned that God’s Hand is on my message center. I grabbed God’s hand and could not let go for sometimes after the session was over. I believe my hand was grabbing “The Trust in God.” But somehow I lose that trust when it comes to the finances. I should have more downloads but my unemployment check says there is not enough to pay for the many download that I want. I will do more practices on this subject. I will be grateful if you would provide me insight on how to trust God one hundred percent.

    Thank You for your love and compassion.

  5. Thank you for sharing your heart, love and inner journey with us. Each time you do it opens all readers hearts further and further. This is a powerful and beautiful practice.
    Love you too. With gratitude Jaylene

  6. Dear beloved Master Francisco,
    thank you very much for your heart touching sharing. I think many beings go through the painful experiences that you describe here and it is very helpful to know that we are not alone. Because to me it often appears like all are doing great and I am the only one who does all of the mistakes, who can not open the heart further and is struggling. I have realized that this is also one of many ego mind blockages that I have to transform:) I also learned today while I was doing the practice that my greatest challenge is to open my heart towards myself. But that this is the key to be able to open my heart to all souls and to love them unconditionally. What I can not do for my self I also can not do for others. I still have many difficulties to forgive myself and to release blockages because I am so used to them. Its like I do not have any concept or idea how to live without these blockages, I simply can not imagine it and therefore I can not really transform and let them go. So what I need for that is simply more trust. I did not know until today that I have a lack of trust. I also realize that one can have trust in the Divine but not enough trust in oneself. I am sure I need to improve both but especially the second part from what I learned now. Like you described we need the trust that we have the power to transform. Thank you very much for this teaching and for helping us to move closer to the heart of the Divine. With deep Love and Gratitude, Magdalena

    1. Beloved Magdalena, beautiful post. You shared from your heart and soul what you are experiencing and that itself is the first step to transform. You have recognized what needs to be transformed and this is a great blessing. And as you said “we are never alone”, we all go through similar experiences of spiritual testing and purification. May you by able to transform what is needed for you at this time.

  7. Dear Francisco

    I am happy to read your latest post. I missed you. You always seem to know exactly what to focus on for me at any given time. I understand, I think, what you are experiencing, I believe I am having a similiar experience. Trust. Learning to trust who we are, all parts of us..the good, the bad and the so called “ugly” . Learning to believe we are still loveable to the Creator. As we are. Just as we are. Learing to love ourselves just as we are, at any given moment. I like you , have never cried so much lately either. The process of opening the heart is both painful and joyful. Ah. I love you for your honesty and truth. I love this practice. I need this practice. Thank you.

  8. Dear Master Francisco, Thank you for sharing your heart-felt spiritual testing/purification experiences with all of us. I know I need to open my heart much more. As I did the practice to prepare myself to do my daily flow, after about only five minutes I began to feel my Message Center becoming warm and rotating. We are so blessed to have Daily Tao Songs, blessing calls with Master Sha, your blog, Master David’s blog, and all the treasures and blessings with which we can serve others to be healthier and happier. Even in my darkest moments of spiritual testing, I’ve known I have nowhere else to go. I have to continue my journey with our dear master. Like Master Guo said to Master Sha, I have no choice do you? Master Sha said, no. I have no choice. May I be a total GOLD servant. May we all be total GOLD servants! TYTYTY. LYLYLY.

  9. Dear beloved Master Francisco,
    Thank you, for standing there arms wide open to guide us on our journey.
    Where we are on this path doesn’t matter, it feels like a warm family supporting one another trough this consiously well choosen journey.
    The more I practice and flow the more I bow deeply to the greatness unfolding of what we truly all are, we are great masters, we are great unconditional servants.
    past live experiences, conditionings, borrowed consciouness and releases of old ideas that I am not good enough or that I am not going to make in time, wizz past and are fully embraced in unconditional love,
    Thank you For being here right now, love you all, Irene

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