Soul Wellness: Day 87 Free Your Voice – The Fifth Soul House

It is now time to free your voice! Now is a very special time on Mother Earth that many people will have the opportunity to reach advanced soul enlightenment. During the Mother Earth transition many special servants will be needed in order to save humanity. Mother Earth and all of humanity will be uplifted in frequency and vibration. These special servants with advanced soul enlightenment will help humanity in the transformation that will take place over the next few years. They will serve with love, care and compassion in order to bring love, peace and harmony to humanity, Mother Earth and the universe.

A soul reaches soul enlightenment when it reaches the fourth soul house, the Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest). A soul can also sit higher than the fourth soul house. When a soul reaches the fifth, sixth or seventh soul house you know that it is a special saint. This is advanced soul enlightenment. A very special thing happens to a spiritual being when their soul sits in the fifth soul house. It has the opportunity to free its voice. To be free is a wonderful feeling that one can’t express in words. It is just simply an amazing feeling filled with love and joy.

In the spiritual journey when the soul reaches the fifth soul house it begins to fully align the heart and the mind. The heart and the mind become more fully connected. The soul, heart, mind and body are more fully aligned with the Divine and all of heaven. It understands its soul purpose much more deeply. The purification process is accelerated greatly when a soul reaches the fifth soul house. One of the most powerful benefits of the fifth soul house is that your communication becomes clearer. Many struggle with communication. Developing the fifth soul house is a great spiritual practice that you can do to improve your communication skills.

It is not easy to reach the fifth soul house on your own efforts. Often it takes a Divine Order by Divine Messenger, like Master Zhi Gang Sha to uplift your soul standing in heaven. If you are serious about your spiritual journey you will have the possibility of reaching advanced soul enlightenment. A bridge will be formed between your heart and your mind that is very peaceful and calm. Your mind and soul will stop disagreeing with each other so that you are more fully aligned with the Divine. The wisdom and knowledge in your heart will become more fully integrated in your soul, heart, mind and body. You will have the desire to serve with unconditional love. Your soul will have greater healing, blessing, transformation and rejuvenation power to serve humanity.

The purification process does not end when you reach soul enlightenment. When a soul reaches the fifth soul house the purification process deepens to release soul memories that are blocking the soul journey. Negative soul memories can block our healing, rejuvenation and transformation of relationships and finances. A soul is able to deeply purify all these negative soul memories so that it can become freer. One of the most powerful ways to purify the soul, heart, mind and body is to sing your Soul Song.

How to you bring out your Soul Song? You can easily turn your Soul Language into your Soul Song. Soul Song is the song of your soul. If you have not learned how to bring your Soul Language please read “Day 82 The Voice of Your Soul” to learn how to bring out your Soul Language. Your Soul Song is like your personal mantra that will help to develop the potential power of your soul. It is a very powerful way to connect to the Divine, the highest saints, and the highest realms in Heaven.

Now, let me share with you Master Sha’s one-sentence secret to bring our Soul Song.

Dear soul, mind and body of my Soul Language,
I love you, honor you, and appreciate you.
Please turn my Soul Language into Soul Song.
I’m very grateful.
Thank you.

Sing your Soul Language, and allow your Soul Language to turn into your Soul Song. Practice singing your Soul Song for a few minutes. Allow your soul to guide you when you are singing your Soul Song. Here are a few tips that will help you to develop your Soul Song.

1. Put a very big smile on your face.
2. Open your heart and radiate love. Imagine singing to the person you love the most in the world.
3. Breathe deeply from your lower abdomen.
4. Open your mouth very wide. If you open your mouth you will naturally allow the sound to vibrate in your throat which will come out naturally.
5. Alternate between yin and yang. Mix your Soul Song with beautiful soft yin sounds and very powerful loud yang sounds.
6. Leave pauses in your Soul Song. This will allow the people listening to your Soul song to feel the beautiful blessings coming from the frequency and vibration from your Soul Song.
7. Go into the Divine Condition. Imagine that you are the Divine singing a song.

Practice! Practice! Practice! Your Soul Song will develop into very beautiful sounds and melodies that can bring healing and blessings to yourself and others. Here is how you can use your Soul Song to open and develop your fifth soul house so that you can transform your communication with others.

Practice to Transform Your Communication

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest). Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say, “Dear soul, mind and body of my Soul Song, I love you. Please transform my communication is that it is clear at all times and brings love, peace and harmony. I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize golden light radiating in your Message Center.

Sound Power. Chant your Soul Song for 10-30 minutes.

You can use your Soul Song as your personal mantra to heal and transform any aspect of your life. Make a request for the aspect of your life you need healing and transformation and then sing your Soul Song. This is a very powerful way to transform your life to be happier and healthier.

Today practice bringing your Soul Song and apply it to transform your communication skills. In your journal write down your experience bringing your Soul Song.

Love you everyone!

2 thoughts on “Soul Wellness: Day 87 Free Your Voice – The Fifth Soul House

  1. Dear Franciso,
    this is a great teaching and wonderful practice. I chanted my soulsong more the 10 minutes, after a few minutes my message center opened more and the whole chest area, my throat and head started to vibrate. I could feel the extension of all this areas and my voice became clearer and carried more love and light. Wonderful experience. I will do the practice again tomorrow morning. Thank you so much.

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