Soul Wellness: Day 86 How to Open Your Heart to Change?

My spiritual journey has allowed me to grow, develop and transform my life. It has allowed me to open my heart in a big and profound way that I’m deeply grateful to Master Sha. The biggest transformation and openings in my heart have occurred when I surrendered to my resistance to change. I experienced the greatest pain in my heart when I had the greatest resistance to change. Pain and challenges are a message from the soul world that it is time to transform your life to be happier and healthier.

I challenge you today to see your resistance to change as an opportunity to grow. As an opportunity to open your heart further. Look at the lessons and challenges you have in your life at this time. Take a moment now to make a list of the lessons, challenges and pains in your life. Prepare now to communicate with you soul. Place your left hand over your Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest), and your right hand in prayer position. Close your eyes and focus on your Message Center. Ask your soul the following question for each challenge “Dear my body soul, I love you. What is the teaching behind my lesson, challenge or pain in my life? What is my fear? I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you.” Remember to listen with your heart and not your mind.

Very often there is fear that is related to our resistance to change. The lesson, challenge or pain is simply the mechanism that is forcing us to change. Pain is a warning that something is out of balance in your life. It is not something outside of you that needs to change; it is something within you that needs to change. Looking within is very painful because it means we must change our view of life. It means we must let go of negative mind-sets, attitudes, beliefs, and attachments in order to grow spiritually. If you want to be happier and healthier you need to change the way you think. Your mind creates the fear that leads to resistance to change.

A very good friend of mine called me yesterday to tell me how his week was. At the end of our conversation he mentioned that he broke his camera. He had dropped his camera and broke the lens. He seemed a bit sad about this since he loves to take photographs. He has been experiencing a lot of transformation and purification in his life and I asked him “What is the message of the broken camera lens?” The message that I received for him was that he was looking at his life through the wrong camera lens. It is time to change the lens to see things in a different way. His soul has grown and transformed in the past two years very much. He needs to see his life now with a new pair of lens that match the frequency and vibration of who he is now. He is a loving and caring soul, but his mind is holding on to old-beliefs preventing him from being fully present and experiencing life with joy and happiness.

How can you transform the pain in your heart and the resistance to change? You transform it by surrendering to the Divine and the power of love. The greatest gift that you can give to humanity is to remake yourself so that you can serve more. The purpose of purification and transformation is to allow us to open our heart more so that we can serve humanity in a more powerful way. Every time in my spiritual journey that I had the greatest resistance to change I realized it was my resistance to opening my heart, to loving unconditionally. It was related to my fears about love. The minute that I surrendered my heart opened more fully. Trust that the Divine and your spiritual fathers and mothers will always love you. Trust that your family, friends and loved ones will love you when you surrender.

Are you now ready to act? If you find something that does not make sense in your life I recommend you speak with a Worldwide Representative of Master Sha to receive guidance or teaching. Very often wisdom and knowledge helps us to understand more deeply. Understanding helps us to transform our negativity. If you are ready to surrender you can now tell your mind “Yes.” Say out loud “I’m ready to transform my life to be happier and healthier. I’m ready to surrender to the Divine.” Your soul will feel free when you learn to let go. Here is a powerful practice that you can do to help you release the blockages from surrendering to your resistance to change.

Practice to Transform Your Resistance to Change

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest), and your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say, “Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine, all my spiritual fathers and mothers, I love you all. Please offer me a blessing to transform my soul, heart, mind and body blockages related to my resistance to change. Please help me to surrender to the Divine. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize golden light radiating in your Message Center.

Sound Power. Chant the Divine Soul Song of God Gives His Heart to Me:

God gives his heart to me
God gives his love to me
My heart melds with his heart
My love melds with his love

Chant God Gives His Heart to Me for 15-30 minutes. Feel the frequency and vibration transform your soul, heart, mind and body. Feel God’s love for you. Allow the love to meld away your blockages.

Today make your list of the challenges in your life, the resistance that you have towards change. If you need help to understand your challenges ask for help. Asking for help is great to help you understanding deeper and to bring more light and clarity to the change that is happening in your life. Do the practice for transforming your blockages related to resistance to change. In your journal write down your experience and any insights you have.

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Soul Wellness: Day 86 How to Open Your Heart to Change?

  1. Dear Francisco;
    The word :change” alone evoked fear deep in my heart. I guess because I always associated “change” with chaos and instability from a young age. I realize resisting change has caused me additional and perhaps unnecesssary hardship in my life; devoting so much of my energy and ego to resisting it.

    The word “surrender” to me implies Trust / Faith that all things happen for a “greater purpose and greater good” even if at the moment I am not understanding it on this deeper level.

    Thank you for this lesson today. Thank you for the practical tool you have given your readers to change trying to control the uncontrollable to surrendering to the wisdom of Da FA Zi Ran. Hao.

  2. Dear Francisco,
    Your message today is so beautifully poignant for what I am experiencing today. I woke up feeling a great deal of heaviness and realised that there was an aspect of my life that appears to be stuck. This aspect has caused me a great deal of pain. As I am able to embrace change within myself, and transform the blockages within, blockages that appear to be “out there” will be transformed also. I understand that I need to open up my heart more and surrender to the Divine. Thank you for this teaching and wisdom.
    Much love and gratitude, Lenore

  3. Dear Francisco, thank you for this teaching about the resistance to change and how to surrender to the Divine. For me it is a great challenge to realize my resistance – and i know it is also related to fear about love and loosing control. Thank you for your sharing and the great practice. With love, Elisabeth

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