One of the most beautiful things about offering service to others is to see the light within them expand and grow. It is like watching a little star grow and expand and become a very large bright star that is radiant and powerful.

The Soul Power techniques that Master Sha shares with humanity do exactly this. One of Master Sha’s empowerments is to teach people how to heal themselves and others. Many of his teachings and training programs are based on this powerful empowerment.

Master Sha, his Worldwide Representatives, Divine Master Teachers and Healer, Divine Soul Teachers and Healers are trained in order to spread to humanity the message of healing. When we empower others they are able to heal and transform their lives in very beautiful ways.

Empowering others helps to boost their confidence in order to offer service to humanity. The more people that we empower to offer service the more healing and transformation that can occur on Mother Earth. The more people we can save on Mother Earth during the Mother Earth transition.

Yesterday was our last event of our London Soul Healing Tour. We started our tour last week at the Mind Body Spirit Fair.

We donated as a gift 1,200 Divine Transformation books. It was so heart touching to see the reactions of people to this book.

One lady started to cry immediately upon touching the book. This book carries Divine frequency and vibration. She did not understand why she was crying. I told her she was feeling the Divine’s presence in the book. She understood in her heart and she sat down for a few minutes to feel the healing power that radiates from this book.

Many people came back the next day and said to us how the book has transformed their life already and that they could not place the book down. They said “Thank you” from the bottom of their hearts.

One of the most powerful ways you can empower others is by offering them a book from the Soul Power Series written by Master Sha. They are truly healing tools for humanity.

Offer a gift today to a loved one, a friend, or even a stranger. You will be blessed by heaven each time because you will empower another soul.

We continued our tour with Soul Healing Evenings and Soul Masters movie screening. Some people we met came to our events each evening.

Our London team watched their transformation over the course of a few days. It was absolutely amazing to see the light radiate from their souls. They looked radiant, happy and healthy. Soul Healing Miracles occurred.

One lady had 5 years back pain completely disappear. One lady had 10-years neck head and neck pain disappear. One man was able to see better.

To see the expression of gratitude in their hearts is always so special. As part of Master Sha’s teacher and healer training program we are always taught to honor and give credit to the Divine for the healing. Let us say together “Thank you, Divine.” Students receive a Divine transmission that empowers them to offer soul healing to humanity and soul teachings. This is another incredible and powerful way to empower humanity. Master Sha’s training programs are the heart of the mission.

As a teacher it always brings me great joy and happiness to see students learn, grow and gain confidence. One student, who I will call Little Star, came from Toronto to help out during our London tour. During the past two weeks she has grown by leaps and bounds. She gained confidence as she was able to offer soul healings and do soul readings for humanity. I could see in her heart that it is her dream to offer soul readings and healings to humanity in a powerful way. Her soul is very radiant when she helps others in this way. Her soul is happy and healthy when she offers soul readings.

Another powerful way to empower others is to teach them a Soul Power technique. Spend time to help another person how to do a self-healing practice, how to develop an energy center, or how to open their soul language. By empowering others in this way you will help to uplift their souls in a special way.

Last night was our last Soul Healing Evening in London. The hearts of the people opened and of the students that helped to bring these events together. I give a big thanks to the all those who helped to make these evens happened. They all worked very hard. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Today your task is to find a friend, loved one, or stranger and to teach them a Soul Power technique of your choice. Find someone who could really benefit from a self-healing technique or other practice from the Soul Power Series or any of the practices you have learned in the 108 Days to Soul Wellness.

If you are a bit nervous about doing this, relax! Let your fear go. As you begin to teach another soul a Soul Power technique Heaven will be there to support you. Master Sha’s soul will be right there to help you. You will be blessed by Heaven for helping another soul. I promise you that you will feel so good for helping another soul at the end.

In your journal after you have taught someone a Soul Power technique you can write down your experience and any new insights. You can also write down a few ideas on how you can empower others more in your life. Your life will transform the more you empower others. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Always remember where you come from Little Star, from Love!

With the greatest love,

Master Francisco Quintero