Soul Wellness: Day 80 Bummer! How to Handle Disappointment

Success and disaster happen at the same time. This is a powerful teaching that Master Zhi Gang Sha teaches to his students. It is a very powerful teaching, but sometimes difficult to put into action. Everyday people around the world get disappointed because things don’t go as planned. Many people get disappointed when a family member forgets to do something very important for you, your husband or wife forgets a special day, a loved one says something to hurt your feelings, or a business project is not as successful as you thought it would be. We all have experienced disappointment in our life. If we allow the disappointment to grow it can turn to anger. Anger can potentially create new bad karma. We want to avoid creating new karma! If you want to be happy and healthy you need tools that help you to transform your disappointment so that you remain in the condition of love, peace and harmony. Let me share with you today a few things that work for me.

The first and most important thing to do is to acknowledge that you are disappointed. If you recognize that you are disappointed you can then transform it. If you are disappointed and then go into negativity, complaining, arguing, fighting, yelling, etc. you will then have the possibility of creating new bad karma. You will create disharmony within you, but also create disharmony in a relationship or some aspect of your life. In order to prevent into going into negativity you must acknowledge your feeling of disappointment. You need to develop your awareness so that you recognize feelings of disappointment within you.

The second step is to have gratitude to the Divine for giving you the opportunity to purify and to serve. The minute that you recognize that you are disappointed say “Thank you, Divine. I’m disappointed. I need to change this.” If you tell your mind that your disappointed and you need to change a shift will occur in your consciousness. Instead of going deeper into your negativity you will begin to see the light. You will begin to see solutions. You will begin to see how you can have love, peace and harmony. The key to transform your disappointment is to tell your mind “I’m disappointed. I need to change.” Your mind was the one who created the disappointment in the first place because of your expectations, beliefs, attachments, ego, etc.

The third step is to look for solutions. Look for ways that bring love, peace and harmony. I always ask myself the question “What is needed at this time to bring love, peace and harmony in this situation?” Look for ways that will bring light to the situation. Look for ways that will bring healing and transformation to the situation. It can be disappointment in a relationship, business, or any aspect of life. This one question will help you to see how everyone can benefit. No one should ever be singled out or blamed for the disappointment that was created within you. Your disappointment is related to your own mind blockages and karma. You are experiencing disappointment to transform and purify. Always look for ways that restore love, peace and harmony in all aspects of your life. Others will greatly appreciate you more when you help to bring love, peace and harmony. The Divine and all of heaven will be moved when you focus on love, peace and harmony. Your soul will be happier and healthier.

We get disappointed because our mind, our ego was not fulfilled. In order to release these blockages we need to purify our heart. The heart houses the mind. Let us now do a practice to purify our heart to release our mind blockages related to disappointment.

Practice to Remove Mind Blockages Related to Disappointment

Body Power. Place your left palm over your heart. Place your right hand in your lower abdomen.

Soul Power. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of my mind, I love you. I’m so honored and appreciative. You have the power to transform your mind blockages related to disappointment. Thank you. Dear soul, mind and body of my of the Divine, I love you. I’m so honored and appreciative. Please transform my mind sets, attitudes, beliefs, ego and attachments so that I can remove my feelings of disappointment and see how to bring love, peace and harmony to all souls. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize your heart is radiating golden light. Your heart is pure and filled with love and light.

Sound Power. Chant the Divine Sacred Soul Song of God Gives His Heart to Me for 5-15 minutes or longer.

God Gives His Heart to Me
God Gives His Love to Me
My Heart Melds with His Heart
My Love Melds with His Love

This exercise will help you to purify your heart, to purify your mind so that you can more easily recognize your disappointment and transform it. Your mind will be calm and peaceful when your heart is pure. You will begin to see how to offer service through love, peace and harmony in a more powerful way.

Today make a list of what you experience when you get disappointed so that you can recognize it the next time you get disappointed. Go through the practice to purify your heart and write down your experience in your journal.

Love you. Love you. Love you.

6 thoughts on “Soul Wellness: Day 80 Bummer! How to Handle Disappointment

  1. I needed to hear this today. As there are changes going on in my life right now, I know I am being guided through it. I am very grateful for this wonderful lesson on disappointment. As we Trust what is given to us we do live in Love, Peace and Harmony.

    Thank you Francisco for the Love, Peace and Harmony you have sent to me today!

  2. Hi Francisco;

    Thank you for todays’ teaching. Just reading about the topic brought up EMOTION/SADNESS in me.

    I was just about to write examples of how I get diappointed when others fail me and Spirit stopped me cold. I was showered with spiritual ILLUMINATION.

    I am most disappointed in MYSELF and need to do this practice for the many times I feel I fail to meet others’ covert expectations. When I put myself under that kind of pressure.

    So, once again this teaching is coming up at the perfect spiritual MOMENT to release this pattern, with the assistance of your heartfelt intentions for your readers and the practical application you gave us for transformation. Love Shirley

  3. I start to laugh loud when I just read your first few words “success and disaster happen at the same time” I truly experienced and understood that deeply because I see myself from disappointment to anger to depressed to despair and give up to transform my mind set, attitude ego and attachment to firm trust the Divine and see the changes in front of my daily life. Thank you the Divine for your love, patience and training. I am much stronger and matured.

  4. Thank you Master Francisco for your TOTAL GOLD and exapmle,for your teaching and blesings. I am teaching your practices in my Soul Power Group in Nogales, the participants said that they experience remarkable changes in ther life with their families, co-workers they experience more love, more peace, more happiness, more consciousness of the soul power and wisdom They enjoy the practices, they are writing in their journals there are no words to describe all the blessing trought your teaching. We love you Master Francisco. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!

  5. Dear Francisco, today i did this powerful practice again, after I acknowledged that the feeling I had was disappointment. It was amazing, only a few minutes after starting the practice i feel significant better and happier. I am very grateful for your teaching and guidance.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Love you. Elisabeth

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