One of the most commonly asked questions I get is “How does my soul look like?” I have seen with my Third Eye many different souls that come from different realms. I often see people have souls that look like angels, holy beings, buddhas, Taoists and much more. Everyone has a very unique soul that is deeply connected with a realm. All souls are beautiful and carry incredible power to offer service to humanity with love, care and compassion. Today I will share with you Third Eye images of the various souls that I have seen as well as guide you to meet your soul.

The angel souls are very beautiful often with large white wings and colorful clothes radiating bright pinks, greens and blues. I often see that they radiate more of a soft white light that is so pure, but they can radiate all colors of the rainbow. Some angel souls look very soft, gentle and have incredible love. Imagine an angel like Archangel Raphael. Some angel souls look more like Heaven’s generals and soldiers. These angels are great protectors and have strong leadership power. Often these souls carry heaven’s weapons and instruments to remove obstacles and blockages. They get the job done and move things forward. Imagine an angel like Archangel Michael.

The buddha souls look like golden buddhas sitting in a lotus position. I often see these souls radiating a huge amount of golden light that is so bright that it penetrates every cell helping to remove blockages. I often feel like the buddha souls have great wisdom, knowledge and sacred practices to help teach humanity. They radiate this beautiful light to help bring light to the people. To bring peace to people’s hearts. Some buddha souls are also very soft and gentle radiating love and compassion. Imagine a buddha like Quan Yin. Some buddha souls are more strong and firm. They are serious about their spiritual practice and very disciplined. Imagine a soul like Shi Jia Mo Ni Fuo (the historical buddha). He had a very disciplined life and gave up all attachments to reach enlightenment.

The Taoist looking souls look like old sages and magicians. I often feel a special presence when I see a Taoist looking soul. They radiate these very deep knowledge and wisdom that is very ancient. There is a deep connection with the universe. The Taoist souls often look like the image of Lao Tse, the sage filled with wisdom and knowledge. Some Taoist souls look like magicians that carry special instruments and powers. These souls have special powers and abilities like flying and jumping very large distances. Imagine the Monkey King who has great abilities and powers like jumping over clouds.

There are countless different realms and all are very special and powerful. Souls can also appear in different forms, so don’t be attached to one particular realm. Your soul may one day appear as a buddha and the next as a Taoist looking soul. That is because your soul may have had many incarnations in those realms. In general though, your soul comes from one realm that it likes to appear as most of the time. Are you ready to meet your soul now?

Meditation to Meet Your Soul

Sit in a meditative position. Place both your hands in your lower abdomen. Relax. Breathe deeply into your lower abdomen. Relax your whole body. Take one minute to completely relax. Place your mind in your lower abdomen.

Fully open your heart. Feel your Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of the Chest) fully open. Open! Open! Open! Open! Open! Allow your Message Center to radiate love and light. It is shiny and bright.

Visualize your soul appear in front of you. It is standing in front of you about 5 feet away. It’s tall and beautiful. Look carefully at your soul. What color is your soul radiating? What is your soul wearing? Carefully observe your soul. If you can’t see with your Third Eye, ask Heaven to allow you to see your soul “Dear soul, mind and body of Heaven can you please allow me to see my soul. I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you.” If you can’t see your soul, you can also feel your soul. Look carefully at your soul with your Third Eye. What realm does your soul come from? If you can’t tell you can also ask your soul, “Dear my body soul, I love you. What realm do you come from? I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you.” Enjoy observing your soul for a few minutes.

Visualize your soul walking towards you. You can feel it’s love and light. feel your soul standing right next to you just inches away. Your soul loves you so much. It is radiating incredible light. you are filled with so much happiness and joy. You are filled with tears of joy. Feel your soul send you a blessing. Your soul is blessing you. It is sending you it’s love. Enjoy the blessing for a few minutes.

Now, visualize your soul walking right into your body. Your soul, heart, mind and body are fully integrating. You feel your soul inside your body. Your whole body is radiating love and light. you are filled with incredible joy. It feels incredible to have your soul fully integrated with your body. Feel your soul within. Feel your Message Center fully expand and radiate love and light. Love! Love! Love! Love! Love! Enjoy this precious moment for a few minutes.

Take a few deep breathes. Breathe deep into your lower abdomen. At the end of the practice give thanks to your soul and close by saying “Hao. Hao. Hao. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

This is a very powerful mediation that you can do to help you to discover more about your soul and to integrate your soul, heart, mind and body. Practice for about 20-30 minutes to help you make a strong connection with your soul.

Today, go through the meditation to discover your soul and in your journal write down what you learned about your soul and any new insights.

Cherish your Soul!