The most important relationships in my spiritual journey have been with my Shi Fus. A Shi Fu is a spiritual father or mother who has dedicated their life to teaching and training you. Master Sha for example is my Shi Fu in the physical world. He has dedicated his life to teach, train, and offer me countless blessings in order for me to grow as much possible in my spiritual journey. I’m so honored and appreciative for his training. Thank you, Master Sha. Your Shi Fu can also be in the spiritual world like Jesus, Archangel Michael, Buddha, St. Germaine, etc. The relationship you form with your Shi Fus is very special that allows you to become more deeply connected with the Divine.

A Shi Fu offers to you the sacred teachings and wisdom that you would not receive otherwise. It is like being a close disciple to a spiritual teacher. You receive all the inner secrets that the public does not receive. This is very special because it means you can quickly accelerate in your spiritual journey. Your Shi Fus can help you to open your spiritual channels, develop your healing power, offer you secret techniques for rejuvenation and long life, and help you to grow closer to the Divine.

The relationship you form with your Shi Fu is a long-term relationship that you can always cherish and honor. Your Shi Fus are always with you. They stand next to you and help to guide you at all times. Your Shi Fus protect and guide you in your spiritual journey so that you gain more clarity so that you do not get lost in your spiritual journey. The teachings, blessings and wisdom they are offer are very sacred and special indeed. It’s a relationship that you will always honor because of the gifts they have brought you. A relationship with a Shi Fu is truly priceless in the spiritual journey.

Let me share with you a personal experience with one of my Shi Fus. I received my first Shi Fus from Master Sha about five years ago. My first Shi Fus where Pu Ti Lau Zu (the spiritual teacher of the Monkey King), Wen Zhu Fuo (the Wisdom Buddha), Yao Shi Fuo (Medicine Buddha), Tao Te Tian Zun (top Taoist saint) and Jesus. Every day I would communicate with my Shi Fus to receive guidance, wisdom and knowledge. Each one of them had a unique frequency and vibration. They all had special teachings that they shared with me to develop my weaknesses, and develop my strengths further. Your Shi Fus pick you for a very special reason. You do not pick them. They chose you based on your purity, readiness, and the training they can offer you to grow to the next level.

One of my Shi Fus, Yao Shi Fuo (Medicine Buddha) gave me very clear instructions to chant his name for 30 days straight for 30 minutes per day. I began chanting his name for 30 minutes each day. Nothing happened. I kept chanting. I would chant aloud and then silently allowing myself to go into deep meditation. Nothing happened for 29 days. On day 30 I had the most profound Third Eye experience I have ever had in my life. I was sitting at night in my room with the lights off meditating silently chanting “Medicine Buddha.”

Towards the end of my meditation I smelled lavender flowers in my room. The smell of the flowers was very powerful. My entire room had the scent of lavender flowers. I knew that whenever you smelled flowers that something heavenly was happening. A golden light being appeared in front of me. It was the Medicine Buddha. He appeared to me as a golden light being. He was right in front of my Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of my chest) blessing and opening my Message Center. The Medicine Buddha was opening my heart and blessing my soul. It was so beautiful and profound to experience this blessing. This blessing lasted for about 10 minutes. After this blessing I experienced a profound opening in my spiritual channels that I’m so grateful for. Thank you, Medicine Buddha.

Here is a practice that you can do to help you make a request to Heaven to prepare you to receive a Shi Fu. It is important that you receive proper training to learn how to communicate with your Shi Fu, to receive guidance, and teachings.

Practice to Prepare Your Heart and Soul for a Shi Fu

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center. Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say, “Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine, of all the spiritual fathers and mothers in Heaven, I love you. Please prepare my soul, heart, mind and body to receive a Shi Fuo to teach and train me in my spiritual journey. I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize your Message Center radiating golden light. Visualize your Shi Fus standing in front of you observing you and blessing you.

Sound Power. Chant the Divine Soul Song of God Gives His Heart to Me:

God gives his heart to me
God gives his love to me
My heart melds with his heart
My love melds with his love

Chant the God Gives His Heart to Me for 15-30 minutes to purify your soul, heart, mind and body to prepare you for receiving a Shi Fu.

If you feel ready in your soul, heart, mind and body we are offering a Shi Fu training class from Europe, and available worldwide. Please apply by sending an email to Master Sha’s Worldwide Representatives in Europe will be offering this training to help train each of you in your spiritual journey.

Today practice the exercise to prepare your soul, heart, mind and body for receiving a Shi Fu. Write down your experience and any insights as to who your Shi Fus may be.

Love you all!