The purpose of one’s spiritual journey is to uplift your standing in heaven. The higher your soul standing in heaven is the more power and abilities your soul has to offer service to others. The more power and abilities it has to make others happier and healthier. On this journey there is a very special time when your soul reaches soul enlightenment. Your soul reaches the fourth soul house when it has reached soul enlightenment. It normally takes hundreds and thousands of lifetimes of dedicated service to accumulate the virtue that is necessary to reach this level in heaven. It is indeed a very special occasion when a soul has reached the fourth soul house.

What does it mean to reach soul enlightenment? What does it mean to have your soul reach the fourth soul house? It means it is time to serve more. The power of your soul increases dramatically when it reaches soul enlightenment. The quality of its service also transforms. When your soul reaches the fourth soul house its quality of love, forgiveness, compassion and light are completely transformed. The soul is much more expanded and radiant. It radiates out from the Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest) beautiful light to heal and bless all that cross its journey. It is a huge milestone when someone reaches soul enlightenment. All of heaven celebrates when a soul reaches this level because it means there is another saint on Mother Earth to offer service. This is very special indeed.

The power and significance of your soul sitting in the fourth soul house is beyond words. Your ability to communicate with the soul world will increase dramatically. It will be able to begin to easily communicate with the Divine, all your spiritual fathers and mothers, and all of heaven. You may receive teachings, wisdom and practices from the Divine and soul world that are of a much higher quality than before. The teachings, wisdom and practices will have higher frequency and vibration because they will come from the higher realms of heaven. Your life will be completely transformed so that you become a humble servant of the Divine.

How to reach you soul enlightenment? You must dedicate your life to offer service to humanity to gain virtue. It can take a soul hundreds and thousands of lifetimes of good service to be able to reach soul enlightenment. This is a very special time on Mother Earth when we are also given the opportunity to enlighten our soul through a Divine Order given by Master Sha or one of his Worldwide Representatives who have been given this honor.

The Divine guided Master Sha to offer a Divine Order to enlighten a soul in order to create more humble servants for humanity who can go out to the world and spread love, peace and harmony. This is very significant because this helps to uplift the frequency and vibration of Mother Earth and all of humanity. You can save hundreds and thousands of lifetimes by receiving a Divine Order to enlighten your soul. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity at this time during the Mother Earth transition because higher level souls are needed in order to help humanity pass this difficult period. If you get the chance to attend a Soul Healing and Enlightenment Retreat I highly recommend it. You will experience life transformation to make your life happier and healthier.

Meditation for the Fourth Soul House

Visualize in your lower abdomen a golden light being. A baby golden buddha. It’s radiating golden light in your lower abdomen. Golden light! Golden light! Golden light! Golden light! Golden light! Golden light! Radiating! Radiating! Radiating! Radiating! Radiating! Vibrating! Vibrating! Vibrating! Vibrating! Vibrating! It’s a beautiful golden light being. It’s so happy. Happy. HAPPY.

Now visualize the golden buddha rising up the first four soul houses. The golden buddha rises up, up, up, up, up to the fourth soul house.

The golden buddha is now sitting in your Message Center. It’s so radiant and shiny. Your Message Center fully opens. Open your heart. Open! Open! Open! Your soul is shining so brightly in your Message Center. Say hello to your soul. It’s so happy and radiant. Enjoy your soul radiating golden light for a few minutes…

Visualize your Message Center radiating golden light. The Message Center is the healing center, karma, love, forgiveness, compassion, soul communication, transformation, and enlightenment center. All of these qualities develop further in you. Your love channel opens further. Your forgiveness channel opens further. Your spiritual channels open wider. Your whole body is filled with golden light. You are radiating golden light from head to toe, skin to bone. Golden light! Golden light! Golden light!

Visualize your well-being is improved in a very powerful way. Many blockages on your soul, heart, mind and body are removed. Your heart is so radiant and filled with light. Your entire chest area is radiating golden light. Your heart, lungs, bronchial tubes, and esophagus are all radiating golden light. All your emotions are balanced. Fully open your Message Center.

Show your gratitude and appreciation to your soul. Tell your soul how much you love it:

I love you
I honored and appreciative you
Thank you

Practice this meditation to experience the power of your soul. Fully open your Message Center. Allow your soul to fully express itself. Feel the power and abilities of your soul sitting in your fourth soul house.

Today practice the meditation for the fourth soul house for 15-30 minutes. In your journal write down your experience after the meditation.

Love you all!