My spiritual journey has been very beautiful. My spiritual journey has also been very painful. I have been on my spiritual journey for about 10 years now and the past three weeks with Master Sha in Europe have been the most transforming. They have been the most beautiful in my entire life. Time with him is always so transforming that I can’t thank the Divine enough. I had my biggest fears come up over the past few weeks. I had some of my biggest spiritual tests that I have ever experienced. Today I understand very deeply in my heart why I had to go through my spiritual tests. I had to grow as a spiritual being. I had to open my heart more. I had to learn how to love others more unconditionally. I had to learn how to help others more who are on their spiritual journey. I realized that we do not have to be alone in the spiritual journey. Today my soul feels more free and empowered to help others like Master Sha has helped me.

I can describe to you many painful and lonely nights thinking that I was all alone in my spiritual journey. I had great fear that people would not understand what I was going through. I felt that people would misunderstand me. I was afraid to open my heart and share my true feelings. Over the past few weeks I have had the realization that I am not alone. I always had my spiritual father assisting and blessing me. I always had Heaven supporting me. I always had friends trying to help me. To me the greatest gift of studying with Master Sha is that he never gives up on his students. Never! He will do anything in his power to help his students learn and grow. I’m so amazed and grateful for this.

My realization is that I placed myself inside a box and closed the key. I kept the key hidden very well. How can others help me in my spiritual journey if I locked the door tightly? I learned in the past three weeks that it is safe to unlock the door to my heart and allow others to see my soul. To see who I truly am. I’m a divine being with love, care and compassion. I learned that I do not have to be afraid of this. To me this is the most powerful teaching and lesson that I have learned in my spiritual journey. I hope that it can help you so that you do not have to suffer like I have. It is not as hard as you think to allow your heart to open. Trust! Be willing to show the most loving and compassionate part of your soul. Allow others to know the real you. Express your true feelings.

Today I feel empowered to help others more. I feel that Master Sha has empowered me to hold others tenderly in my heart just like he has held me tenderly in his heart. This is the most special gift that I could have received in my spiritual journey. I’m so honored and grateful for this teaching and lesson that was so painful to learn.

You hold the key to your heart. Only you can allow others to love you, guide you, and support you. You must first unlock your heart. Once you allow your heart to open and let your soul shine you will be happier and healthier. Let me now guide you through a meditation to help you open your heart.

Meditation to Unlock Your Heart

Place one palm over your Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest) and one palm in your lower abdomen. Close your eyes. Completely relax. Take a few deep breaths into your lower abdomen. Relax your head, relax your eyes, your teeth, your jaw, and your neck. Relax your shoulders, and your spinal column. Relax your arms and hands. Relax you hips, your legs, your knees, and your feet. Completely relax.

Place your mind in your Message Center in the middle of your chest. Visualize a beautiful golden box with a key hole in your Message Center. Observe the beautiful golden box. It’s radiant golden. It is shining brightly in your Message Center. Look for the key to the golden box. Who has the key to the golden box? It is you. You hold the key to the golden box. The key is in your right hand.

Visualize that with your right hand you open the golden box in your Message Center. Open! Open! Open! Do not be afraid to open the golden box. Fully open the golden box. Light is radiating from the golden box. The light is so shiny and bright. It’s radiating golden light. Golden light! Golden light! Golden light! Your Message Center is getting brighter and brighter. Your soul is beginning to shine bright. Your soul was hidden in the golden box. It’s beginning to radiate out. It’s free to shine. Open! Open! Open! Your soul is so happy. It is radiating love and light. Your soul is radiating love, care and compassion. Your soul is so beautiful. It is so radiant.

Feel your heart so expansive and radiating love. Your heart is radiating love. You have peace in your heart. You have an incredible amount of compassion for others. Your heart is fully open. Allow your soul to express itself. Feel your soul. What does your soul feel like? Feel the love from your soul. It has an incredible amount of love. Love! Love! Love!

Breathe into your lower abdomen now. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Take three deep breathes into your lower abdomen. Tell your soul, mind and body “You are not alone! You are not alone! You are not alone! Thank you, Divine. Thank you, Divine. Thank you, Divine.” Open your eyes and feel the love and peace radiating from your Message Center.

Today practice the meditation for unlocking your heart. If you feel that your heart is closed practice daily! Slowly it will open. Be patient. It will open at the right time. In your journal write down your experience doing the meditation.

I love you all. I hold each of you tenderly in my heart. Love you. Love you. Love you.