Soul Wellness: Day 62 Starting a Daily Practice

In order to have soul wellness it is very important that you begin a daily spiritual practice. This is very important because it helps to develop your soul, heart, mind and body. It helps to increase your frequency and vibration. Your body will have more energy, stamina and vitality by having a daily practice.

A daily practice can be very simple, but it must be consistent. The key is having consistency in your practice and discipline. It is very similar to athletes. All good athletes practice daily in order to maintain their endurance. We must do the same in our spiritual life by having a daily spiritual practice.

How do you start a daily spiritual practice? I recommend that all new people start a spiritual practice that involves developing the Lower Dan Tian. This was my first spiritual practice that I started.

The Lower Dan Tian is a fist sized energy center in your lower abdomen about one and a half inches below your navel and two and half inches inside your body. It is a foundation energy center for your body. It is the key for energy, stamina, vitality and immunity. To practice, sit up straight. Place both hands out in front of you with palms facing out; use your right hand to grasp your left thumb. Wrap all four fingers of the right hand over the left thumb to make a tight fist. Naturally close the fingers of the left hand over those of the right. Hold your hands tightly and place them in your lower abdomen. This hand position is called Yin Yang Hand Position. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of my Lower Dan Tian, you have the power to fully develop, to boost my energy, stamina, vitality and immunity. Do a good job. Thank you.” Then say, “Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine, of God’s Light, I love you. Please boost my Lower Dan Tian. Thank you.”


God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light

Golden Light, Golden Light, Golden Light

Boost Lower Dan Tian Power, Boost Lower Dan Tian Power, Boost Lower Dan Tian Power

Chant for 10-30 minutes, the longer the better. Visualize a beautiful golden light ball rotating in your Lower Dan Tian as you are chanting. At the end of your practice say “Hao. Hao. Hao. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Gong song. Gong song. Gong song.” Hao means perfect, get well in Mandarin Chinese. Gong song means to respectfully return to your abode. We are asking the soul of the Divine and God’s Light to respectfully return.

This is a simple and powerful practice that I recommend you do daily in order to begin developing your soul, heart, mind and body. Practice daily this week and write down your experiences and how you feel. Some people may experience a lot of energy, heat, tingling. Some people may experience nothing. Continue to practice. Some people are not sensitive to energy and will take time to develop. If you practice daily you may begin to notice after one month that you have more energy. This will completely transform your life and make you feel good.

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