One of the greatest challenges in the spiritual journey is to not believe. When you do not believe in yourself and in the Divine you create room for doubt. You create space for questioning all aspects of your life that can lead you to get lost in your spiritual and physical journey. In order to be happier and healthier in your life it is important to believe in yourself and also in the Divine.

Everyone in the spiritual journey will go through purification. If you have been following the 108 Days of Soul Wellness since day one you might be going through purification at this time. We are half-way complete. I always visualize the purification process and spiritual testing like a mountain. During the first quarter we were climbing up the mountain very gently. During the second quarter the purification process become more intense. Blockages may have begun to be released. We were on the top of the mountain on day fifty-four. We are now ready to descent the mountain.

The purification process is sometimes very painful. If you believe the Divine will help you every step of the way you can make it back down the mountain. Be patient. You will reach the bottom safely if you believe in the Divine and in yourself. Sometimes when you are going through intense purification the physical body may hurt. It’s like you are being reborn. Your soul, heart, mind and body is not you anymore. You have to be willing to release old mind-sets, behaviors, beliefs in the purification process. You have to connect with your heart and allow the Divine to heal and transform you. Surrender to the Divine. Here is a powerful practice that you can do to help you during the purification process.

Meditation to Nourish Your Soul, Heart, Mind and Body

Body Power. Place one hand in your lower abdomen and one on your heart.

Mind Power. Visualize your soul in your lower abdomen and try to focus on your lower abdomen to visualize your soul. That will help you to ground yourself. Breathe in your lower abdomen.

Soul Power. Say, “Dear soul, mind and body of heavens liquid please come to my body, to nourish my soul heart mind and body. Thank you.”

Visualize your crown opening and golden liquid coming from heaven from the top of your crown to the bottom of your feet. It drops down all the way down to your feet. Your feet fill with golden liquid. Your legs, knees, thighs, and hips fill with golden liquid. Your whole abdomen is filling with golden liquid light. Your large and small intestine. Your liver. All the anger in your liver is has been cleansed and washed away. Your spleen. It fills with liquid light and all your worries are washed away. Your kidneys are filled with golden liquid. They become stronger. Your spinal column fills with golden liquid light. Your heart fills with liquid light and your anxiety is released. Your lungs fill with liquid light. You whole body fills with golden liquid light.

If you believe in the Divine, if you believe in Love, if you believe in yourself, your heart will fully open. God’s heart will sit in your heart. So look in your heart and try to see the Divine. Open your heart. Allow your heart to touch God’s heart. No Fear. If you have fear, anxiety, and emotions coming up today allowing them to meld away. When you believe in the Divine, the Divine will help you. Silently say “Dear beloved Divine. I love you. Please transform my anger, open my heart more, help me to have more confidence in my work. Please help me to trust in my relationship more, please help me to heal. Please allow me to trust more in my spiritual journey, please help me to have more confidence, please allow me to open my heart more to be my true self. Thank you. I’m so honored and appreciative.” Sent your soul love. Silently tell your soul “I love you. I Iove you. I love you. I love you. I love you.” Send love to your soul “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.”

Now tell your soul it’s going to be ok. Do a good job. Believe in yourself, believe in the Divine and your soul will expand and become bigger and bigger. Your soul is getting bigger than your body. Souls can expand. Allow your soul to expand. It can expand to the size of the room your in. It’s getting bigger than the size of the room. Feel the expansive nature of your soul.

Now we are going to invite the souls of your problems and of your difficulties. For example in your relationship, say “Dear soul, heart, mind and body of my husband, my wife, or my partner please come in front of me.” Send love to the soul of your loved one; you can say “I love you.” You have to believe that the soul of your relationship will heal and fill with love and light. You can do the same with your work colleagues. You can call the soul of any blockage or life situation in your life.

We will now transform our challenges. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of my God’s Light please transform all my blockages, my relationship, my finances, all aspect of my life, my spiritual journey. Thank you.” Chant God’s Light for 3-10 minutes to transform all your blockages. Silently chant for another 2-3 minutes. Feel God’s love and light.

Repeat silently or aloud:

I believe in the Divine. I believe in Love, I believe in myself.

I believe in the Divine. I believe in Love, I believe in myself.

I believe in the Divine. I believe in Love, I believe in myself.

I believe in all souls unconditionally, I serve all souls unconditionally.

Love. Love. Love. Love.

Take a few deep breathe.

Stand up and if there are any blockages left shake them off…shake your body.

At the end say “Hao! Hao! Hao! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Today go through the meditation and write down in your journal your experience. Enjoy!