The Hero Condition is one of the most powerful techniques that you can learn to offer greater service to others. It is sacred wisdom and knowledge that has made a significant difference in my spiritual journey. It has helped me to significantly increase my soul healing power when I go into the Hero Condition. It is very important for all people interested in their spiritual journey to enter very deeply the Hero Condition so they can accelerate their spiritual development. The Hero Condition will help everyone to increase their soul healing power to spread love, peace and harmony to all of humanity.

What is the Hero Condition? In one-sentence, the Hero Condition is you are what you chant. If you are chanting Jesus you become Jesus. If you are chanting Quan Yin you become Quan Yin. Your soul, heart, mind and body all become what you chant. Every organ, system and cell of your body becomes what you chant. To be in the Hero Condition means you imagine that you are a saint, or divine presence doing God’s work. You become a hero who is helping to save humanity with love, care and compassion.

Yesterday, I asked a good friend of mine to offer a soul healing to his partner. He was with me in Ramsau am Dachstein, Austria preparing for the upcoming Tao Retreat with Master Sha. His partner was in Canada. I told him to stand up and place his left palm over his Message Center, and right hand in prayer position. He connected with Quan Yin and he offered his partner a soul healing blessing to help her with some pain she was experiencing. I saw him connect with Quan Yin and send his partner a soul healing. I noticed that he was in his mind when he was doing this. He was too nervous and allowing his emotions and mind block his ability to offer a powerful soul healing. The mind and emotions can block us in many ways that prevent us from truly offering unconditional service from our soul. If we enter the Hero Condition it helps us to open our heart more fully so that pure love and light radiate out from our heart. It is this love that brings the greatest healing to others.

As I watched him offer the soul healing to his partner I could see with my Third Eye that he was not in the Hero Condition. He was using his mind to heal. I thought to myself “How can I help him go into the Hero Condition.” I received a message that helped him to go into the Hero Condition. I simply told him to imagine that his hands are Quan Yin’s hands. His eyes are Quan Yin’s eyes. His feet are Quan Yin’s feet. I told him to imagine that he is Quan Yin. I said this aloud to him and he was connecting more deeply and allowing himself to go into the Hero Condition. The love that was radiating out from him to his partner was completely transforming. It was more pure and filled with incredible light. His partner, who was on the phone with us, was beginning to relax and experience relief.

I then told him to open his heart further. I said Quan Yin has a very big heart that radiates pure love and compassion. I noticed he was still not fully allowing his heart to open fully. Open your heart fully I repeated. Your heart is Quan Yin’s heart. He opened more fully and allowed the love and compassion to flow through him. He was becoming Quan Yin. It was very beautiful to observe. He is still not 100% in the Hero Condition but made a significant jump last night. In order to truly be in the Hero Condition your whole being must become the saint that you are calling upon to assist you to offer a soul healing.

The Hero Condition allows you increase your frequency and vibration which will allow you to open your heart more fully to offer service to another soul. It is very important become it helps you to align your soul, heart, mind and body so that you are uplifted to a higher frequency enabling you to offer a more powerful soul healing. You can go into the Hero Condition by chanting the name of a saint or angel you are deeply connected with. You can also select other powerful souls with high frequency and vibration like Mother Earth, the Sun, the Moon, etc. You visualize that you become Mother Earth offering a soul healing.

You can also go into the Hero Condition with other inanimate objects. I recall one teacher go into the Hero Condition using the Rock of Gibraltar. The student’s sister was experiencing heart issues and she went into the Hero Condition using the Rock of Gibraltar to offer a soul healing. The Rock of Gibraltar offered strength and power to her sister’s heart. The key is to become what you chant. If you are chanting the Divine Soul Song of Love, Peace and Harmony, you become love, peace and harmony.

It is now time for you to practice. Below is practice that you can do to help you go into the Hero Condition to offer a soul healing to a friend or loved one. To practice I’m going to ask you to go into the Hero Condition of Jesus, and later you can try different saints or angels. Select a friend or loved one at this time you would like to offer a soul healing to. Let us start.

Practice to offer a Soul Healing in the Hero Condition

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest). Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of Jesus, I love you. Please offer a soul healing to ____________ for ___________. I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize that you are Jesus. Jesus is offering the healing to your loved one. Your hands are the hands of Jesus. Your heart is the heart of Jesus. Your love is the love of Jesus. Your whole body is Jesus. Every cell of your body is Jesus. Imagine that Jesus is radiating rainbow light from his Message Center. His love is healing your loved one. The rainbow light wraps your loved one in beautiful light to heal them very deeply.

Sound Power. Chant or repeat silently or aloud:


Fully open your heart and allow yourself to go into the Hero Condition. Visualize that you become Jesus. Practice chanting for 10-15 minutes to allow yourself to go deep into the soul healing blessing. You can repeat the practice and select another saint to go into the Hero Condition. You will notice that every saint, every soul, has a unique frequency and vibration that can bring great healing and transformation to you and your loved ones.

Today offer a soul healing to a friend or loved one. Go into the Hero Condition when you are offering the soul healing. In your journal write down your experience of going into the Hero Condition.

God’s Heart Melds with My Heart