The most beautiful thing that Master Sha brings to humanity is hope for the hopeless. He dedicates his life to bring soul healing to all of humanity. Every time that I have the honor of spending time with him at workshops and retreats I see incredible transformation that takes place in people. I see hearts open very deeply. I see people connecting to their souls and the Divine in a special way that can’t be described by words.

During the last seven days in Holland great transformation and healing has occurred. It is always amazing to see the transformation that takes place. So much transformation has also taken place within me that I’m very honored and appreciative for.

This week I realized on a deeper level what Master Sha brings to humanity. I understand more deeply the power and significance of the Divine Mission. The most powerful message he brings to the people is “You Have the Power to Heal Yourself.”

It is always very heart touching when Master Sha meets people who have hopeless health conditions. Many people come to Master Sha for healing with conditions that are very difficult to heal. I often get to see these people before they receive soul healing from Master Sha. Often they look sad, depressed and have very little hope in their eyes.

It is very common to see Soul Healing Miracles occur every single day when you are with Master Sha. He often dedicates his time to work long hours to continuously offer healing to those with the most difficult cases. People are completely transformed after they receive soul healing from Master Sha.

In the past seven days I have seen two people in wheel chairs have significant improvement in their mobility. One man was able to move his body more after a stroke left him paralyzed. One lady suffered from back pain for 20 years and had instant healing and relief. The people’s faces began to change over the seven days. Their hearts opened. Hope was in their eyes.

It is very beautiful to see people go through this transformation because they are connecting to the Divine and their soul in a very special way. I absolutely love to see this happen. It brings joy to my heart when I see this happen.

Everyone that came to the retreats had great transformation. I saw students grow closer to the Divine that is very special. It is very rare to find a spiritual teacher who can guide a group of people to open their hearts in a way that brings hope into all aspects of their life.

Master Sha is helping people to fulfill their dreams in their life and to connect them to the Divine.

How does Master Sha do this?

What I have learned this week is in order to bring hope to the hopeless we must show our love and care. Master Sha shows his love and care to the people by working closely with those who are suffering. He dedicates long hours to help people. He never gives up. His love, care and compassion is truly unconditional.

Today is the last day in Holland. Something very special happened today. The heart of a dear student opened. The student wants to dedicate their life to bring hope to the hopeless. She wants to donate a soul healing center to bring hope to the hopeless.

I visited a property today which may one day become a center to bring hope to humanity. This student cried of joy to be able to bring this message and service to humanity. It was very heart touching to see her heart open. It is too early now to tell if this is the right location to build a center but the seed is being planted in Holland at this time for this center to be created.

Master Sha’s dream is to build 400 soul healing centers worldwide to bring hope to the hopeless. This is an amazing journey to be part of to be able to create this vision on Mother Earth.

Today we will do a practice to manifest two wishes. I would like each of you to think of two wishes.

The first wish can be anything that you want to manifest in your personal life. You can request for example to manifest a new relationship or business, to bring more harmony in your family, to heal a health condition, etc.

The second wish is for the Divine Mission. For example, I made a request to manifest a soul healing center in Holland to the Divine. You can make other requests like brining love, peace and harmony to humanity.

Take a minute to think about the two wishes you would like to manifest.

Practice to Manifest a Wish

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest). Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine, all my spiritual fathers and mothers in heaven, I love you all. I can’t thank you enough. I have two wishes that I wish to manifest in my life. My first wish is ______________. My wish for the Divine Mission is ______________. Please help to manifest these wishes in the physical world. I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize your Message Center radiating golden light. Imagine your wishes manifesting in the physical world.

Sound Power. Chant silently or aloud:

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love peace and harmony
Love peace and harmony

Chant 10-30 minutes to help to manifest your wishes. Make sure that your wishes are helping others to be happier and healthier. The more that you serve others the more blessings you will receive in your life.

Today look into your heart and write down in your journal your two wishes, and then practice the exercise to manifest your wishes. Write down your experiences after doing the practice.

Love you. Love you. Love you.

With love and light,

Master Francisco Quintero