The spiritual journey is a painful journey because you must purify very deeply. All your soul, heart, mind and body blockages must be removed in order to be divine presence on Mother Earth. In the process of purification you may undergo serious testing in all aspects of your life. How you respond to your purification and spiritual testing is extremely important. I want to share with you a painful lesson that I had to go though in order to purify further so that I can serve more with an open heart.

The Divine has high expectations for Worldwide Representatives of Master Sha. Worldwide Representatives of Master Sha are Divine Channels, this means that God works through them. They are divine presence on Mother Earth. The Divine expects Worldwide Representatives of Master Sha to serve humanity with a pure heart. To bring hope to humanity by putting their heart in the Divine Mission, to serve with great effort.

I once went through a deep purification and difficult spiritual test related to my personal efforts to serve humanity, to bring soul healing to humanity. My spiritual teacher noticed my struggles, and he asked me to check my heart to see how much I have served the Divine Mission. I had to check how much effort I have made to serve others. I asked the Divine to tell me how much effort I have made to serve and the Divine told me 40%. It was very painful to know that I did not give it my 100%. It brought great pain to my heart. I was angry at first because I felt like I could not work harder or accomplish what I was asked. My heart was broken.

My teacher gave me a big lesson to learn, he gave me a big task to accomplish to transform my dedication to serve. I struggled very deeply and was tested beyond belief. One evening we were having dinner with a few other Worldwide Representatives and he asked me “Why are you dedicated to follow me?” He had never asked me that question. I was feeling angry at that time because of my testing, but I went into my heart to find the answer. I told my spiritual teacher that I was dedicated to him because my heart has opened throughout the years following him so that I can love people more. I have experienced an expansion of my heart that I would not have been able to develop on my own.

As these words came out of my mouth I felt a big relief. I was reminded why I’m on this spiritual journey, to open my heart so that I can one day offer unconditional love to others like he does. I realized that my spiritual teacher was opening my heart further. I realized that my teacher sees things in me that I at times I’m too blind to see. I realized he sees my fullest potential that I can’t see because my mind at times is clouded. My spiritual teacher was giving me the opportunity to push through a blockage so that my heart can open more. My soul’s desire is to fully open my heart so that I can offer unconditional love to heal humanity. I was reminded at that moment why I must stay strong when it is very painful and not give up.

The most painful journey is the spiritual journey, but it is one my soul desires. I keep walking the path knowing that I will be supported by the Divine and by my spiritual teacher. For this I will bow down to the Divine 10,000 times tonight. I still had pain in my heart the night that I had my realization, but I was so appreciative to the Divine for giving my soul a chance to wake up.

If you are serious about your spiritual journey, I ask you today to check your heart. Have you served enough? Have you loved enough? In my experience the answer is always no, because we can always help another soul. We can always serve more. To serve is unlimited. This is the direction that our spiritual teacher is taking us. I’m so honored and appreciative for this journey that I can only say at this time. Thank you, Divine. Thank you, Divine. Thank you, Divine. I have no other words for what I feel at this time. Only complete gratitude for being giving the opportunity to grow and develop. My spiritual teacher is like my father, who is making me stronger. My spiritual teacher is like my mother, who is loving and forgiving. It brings me great gratitude in my heart to know that someone cares about my spiritual journey.

Today, I believe everyone should show your gratitude to the Divine, to all your spiritual teachers for all the blessings you have received in your life.

Practice to Show Your Gratitude to the Divine

Body Power. Place your left palm on your heart. Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say, “Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine, all my spiritual fathers and mothers, I love you all. I’m so honored and appreciative for all your blessings. I can’t thank you enough. I offer this song in deep gratitude from my heart. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize your heart is filled with golden light. Your heart is radiating love.

Sound Power. Chant Thank you, Divine repeatedly:

Thank you, Divine.
Thank you, Divine.
Thank you, Divine.
Thank you, Divine.
Thank you, Divine.

Practice this exercise to show your deep gratitude for all the blessings in your life. Chant from your heart. Gratitude is one of the golden keys for your spiritual journey.

Today practice the exercise to show your gratitude to the Divine and your spiritual fathers and mothers. In your journal write down your personal experience and also ask yourself the question “Why are you dedicated to your spiritual teacher?” I love you. I bless you all.

With great love and gratitude.