In my personal spiritual journey I have come to the realization that my spiritual teacher is a blessing. In the spiritual journey it is important to find the right spiritual teacher who can guide and support you. A true spiritual teacher will teach and guide you. Your spiritual teacher can bring you to the gate of heaven. The teacher will help you step by step up the stairs of heaven so that your soul standing increases in heaven. Your spiritual teacher does this out of love, care and compassion. A true teacher does not give up on his disciples and students. A true spiritual teacher is willing to give his or her life to teach and train you. To have a true teacher who is willing to do all of this is a blessing beyond words.

How can you tell who the right spiritual teacher is? A true spiritual teacher will always support you and make sure that you are successful. Your teacher will not give up on you. A true spiritual teacher will correct you when you have made a mistake that is harming or hurting others. It is very painful when you are corrected because often during those times your mind may be very active saying very negative or thinking funny thoughts. The purpose of being corrected is to allow us to grow from our mistakes. To break free from mind-sets, attitudes, beliefs, ego and attachments that are blocking your spiritual growth. You can also tell when a spiritual teacher is a good teacher by looking at his or her students. Are the students highly developed and have improved over time.

The process of breaking free from the mind is very painful because we are asked to look within and transform our own blockages that cause harm to others. It is very painful, but very worth the time and patience to move through it. The end result is always so beautiful because it brings you one step closer to the heart of the Divine. It opens your heart in a way that allows you to love more. This is why I’m always willing to go through my own pain and blockages so that I can serve more. My soul desires to return to the heart of the Divine at the end of my spiritual journey.

In my spiritual journey I have experienced very deeply the concept of “No Pain. No Gain.” I have received the honor of being personally trained by my spiritual teacher and to learn the true sacred secrets of soul healing and transformation. To learn wisdom and knowledge that he rarely offers to the public. I have also received the honor of being corrected by my spiritual teacher when I have made a mistake to hurt or harm others. Do you want to know why he did this? He did this out of love. He did this to bless my spiritual journey.

One of the most important things that I have realized was that I must completely trust and love my spiritual teacher in order to grow. I must see my spiritual teacher, Master Zhi Gang Sha, as the physical representative of the Divine. This is very important because it allows me to trust and love him completely. It allows me to be uplifted with every teaching I receive from him. It is like receiving a teaching from the Divine every minute of my spiritual journey. This is a blessing beyond words.

I want to share with you a practice to help you form a strong relationship with your spiritual teacher, but before we do it I want you to look at your current relationship. Place one hand on your Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest) and one hand in your lower abdomen. Close your eyes and focus on your heart. Silently ask yourself the following questions “Do I love my spiritual teacher unconditionally? Do I trust my spiritual teacher?” Listen with your heart and be very honest with yourself. If you received a yes, great! If you received a no, that is also great! We have the power to heal and transform your relationship with your spiritual teacher. Let us now do a practice to heal and transform your relationship with your spiritual teacher.

Practice to Heal and Transform Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Teacher

Body Power. Place your left palm over your heart. Place your right hand in your lower abdomen.

Soul Power. Say, “Dear soul, mind and body of my spiritual teacher (name your spiritual teacher or teachers), I love you. I honor and appreciate you. Thank you for supporting me in my spiritual journey. Thank you. Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine, I love you. Please heal and transform my blockages related to trusting and loving my spiritual teacher unconditionally. I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize your heart radiating golden light. Visualize your heart purifying and opening.

Sound Power. Chant the Divine Soul Song of God Gives His Heart to Me repeatedly.

God Gives His Heart to Me
God Gives His Love to Me
My Heart Melds with His Heart
My Love Melds with His Love

Practice this exercise for 10-30 minutes to heal and transform your relationship with your spiritual teacher. It can bring great blessings to your life. If you have blockages related to loving and trusting your spiritual teacher I recommend you practice more often.

We are all so blessed to have divine messengers on Mother Earth who have been chosen by the Divine to transform humanity. We all have the power and ability to also be messengers of the Divine, to become Divine Servants, if we are willing to go through the purification process. Each and every one of us is equal. We all have the same possibility. This is the beauty of the spiritual journey – that we are all equal. We all have the ability to reach the same potential. It is up to us to make the decision if we want to walk up the stairs of heaven with our spiritual teacher to the heart of the Divine.

Love you all.