Soul Wellness: Day 36 Never Give Up On Your Soul – How to Pass Spiritual Testing

Your soul is a very precious golden light being that carries the essence of the Divine. The purpose of the spiritual journey is to remember that we are the sons and daughters of the Divine. We are to remember in this life that within our heart we carry the spark of the Divine. We are like kindergarten children learning and developing ourselves so that one day we become divine presence on Mother Earth and in Heaven.

Mother Earth is our school. We are learning how to be more compassionate to others, learning to offer unconditional love to others, and learning how to forgive others unconditionally. The Divine is unconditional, and we are to learn the same.

In the spiritual journey the Divine will test us one-third of our life in order to purify our soul, heart, mind and body. We are tested in order to remove the blockages that prevent us from being divine presence. We are learning how to be more like the Divine. It is truly a gift to be taught by the Divine in this way.

If you have been following along the 108 days of Soul Wellness, you may have noticed that today we are one-third of the way done. You may have experienced purification and spiritual testing by now so I thought today’s topic should be on spiritual testing. I know I’m going through spiritual testing. I always go through it right before a big retreat with Master Sha. Master Sha arrives to Europe within a week. Thank you, Divine.

Let me share with you my first spiritual test that I had that I can clearly remember. My first spiritual test that I can remember was when Master Sha and his students went to China to meet Master Guo (Master Sha’s spiritual father). I was a new student and I was working full time as a middle school math teacher. I was the kind of person that never missed a day of work. I was a workaholic. I only attended 1-2 day events during the weekend because I would not dare take a day off work to focus on my spiritual journey.

During Master Sha’s first visit to China to meet Master Guo I came up with every story in the book why I should not go. I thought to myself “This is not for me.” I was very stubborn in my thinking. I did not go to China during that first visit.

During the second visit to China I was more serious about my studies and spiritual journey, and things were very different. I could remember Master Sha’s assistant teachers calling me and telling me how important it was for me to go. I once again came up with every story in the book on why I should not go. I received a phone call one day from one of the top teachers and I broke down. I was sobbing and hurting to the core of my heart.

I was hurting because my soul was saying to go, and my mind was saying “No, I don’t need this.” My soul and mind where battling with one another. Oh boy! I still had a very stubborn mind and I did not go to China. My heart was broken. I was crying and crying for days.

I remember one day I could not take the pain anymore. I was crying in my room, on the floor and I heard the voice of the Divine. It was loud and clear. I looked up to heaven and I said aloud “How can I serve the Divine Mission when Master Sha and his students are in China?” I heard very clear the Divine speak to me.

The Divine said “Write your book, and make sure it is finished before Master Sha returns.” I had a happy smile on my face. I said to the Divine “I can do that.” I responded with confidence because I knew I could finish my book.

Well, things didn’t go as planned. I didn’t realize at that time that there was a thing called spiritual testing. I was about half-way done with my first book and what do you think happened next? My computer broke down. It had a blue screen. Oh no! I was panicking and worried that I would not finish my book before Master Sha returned from China.

I went to speak to the technology coordinator at my school and he was able to save my file, but not the computer. I thought to myself “The dark side must be trying to stop me.” I said aloud “No, I will not let anyone stop me from accomplishing my task.” I drove one hour to San Jose, California from Watsonville, California to Best Buy and bought myself a nice new computer. I went home so happy with my new computer.

I began working on my book immediately. What do you think happened next? It broke! I could not believe it. I thought the soul world is really trying to stop me. I once again said aloud “I will not let anyone stop me from accomplishing my task.” I was so desperate by then and without any money that I decided to fix the computer on my own, that was a big mistake. I ended up breaking it even more.

I proceeded to look in the phone book for a computer technician and found one about twenty minutes from my home. I walked into the business office and saw a man sitting at a work station. I showed him my computer and asked him if he could fix it. He picked up my computer and with his magic hands fixed it within minutes. He then told me that he would not charge me. I thanked the man and proceeded to walk out of the store.

As I was walking out I looked back and saw Quan Yin (the Goddess of Compassion) standing right next to the man. At that point I knew I had passed my test. Quan Yin was there to bless me to help me pass my test. I was so grateful to Quan Yin. I went home that evening and worked on my book. I was able to finish my book as planned before Master Sha returned from China.

Do you want to know my secret to passing spiritual testing?

Always focus on how you can offer service to others. Always! Always! Always! I can’t emphasize this enough. The minute you start to think about yourself you may get lost in your mind. Even when it is very painful or depressing always focus on how you can help others.

Another key to passing spiritual testing is to check your commitment to serve the Divine. In your heart you must be 100% sure that you want to serve the Divine, that you want to help humanity to be happier and healthier. If this commitment is grounded your testing will be much smoother.

If you are going through spiritual testing it is always very important that you chant. Chanting helps you to remove blockages and allows you to enter into the divine condition. Your mind will relax. Your negativity will dissipate. This is very important in order to pass spiritual testing. Here is a practice that you can do to help you when you are going through spiritual testing.

Practice to Pass Spiritual Testing

Body Power. Place your left palm over your heart. Place our right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say, “Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine, all my spiritual fathers and mothers, I love you all. Please help me to pass my spiritual testing. Please remove all my negativity that is blocking me in my spiritual journey. I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize a golden light ball in your lower abdomen. The golden light ball is radiating light throughout your whole body. It is radiating beautiful golden light. The light shines throughout your whole body.

Sound Power. Chant the Divine Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony repeatedly.

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love peace and harmony
Love peace and harmony

Chanting the Divine Soul Song is very good when you are going through spiritual testing because the song focuses on offering service to humanity. This is a powerful soul song that will increase your frequency and vibration to remove your blockages. It will help you to pass your spiritual testing.

Chant for a 5-10 minutes, the longer the better. If you are heavily tested by the Divine I recommend you chant for 30-minutes to one hour.

Today in your journal you can write how you are currently being tested in your life and then do the practice to pass spiritual testing. Write down in your journal your experience.

Your spiritual journey is the most important thing in your life, so never give up on your soul when you are going through spiritual testing.

I love you all.

Master Francisco Quintero

3 thoughts on “Soul Wellness: Day 36 Never Give Up On Your Soul – How to Pass Spiritual Testing

  1. I have been blessed to have heard this story a few times….and yet I still get deeper wisdom each time.I so appreciate this Master Francisco :-))..LY LY. There is no OD in Divine wisdom. This time what resonated was the focus on service to pass the test ..brilliant teaching.

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