One of the biggest financial barriers that people have is related to their negative mind-sets, attitudes, beliefs, ego and attachments. Heaven can be sending us financial blessings and we block them with our mind. We are creating the blockages that are preventing us from having financial abundance. Today we will look at how you can break through your financial barriers so that you can have financial freedom.

In order to break our financial barriers it is important to transform all negative mind-sets, attitudes, beliefs, ego and attachment. We must transform them to divine consciousness. We must transform them to love in order to serve others. We must uplift their frequency and vibration so they bless our life with abundance rather than limit our life.

Mind-sets are one of the biggest financial barriers because they limit our thinking. They “square” your mind preventing you from seeing opportunities to create financial abundance. They limit your possibilities. Mind-sets place you in a box and prevent you from being free.

I know of a very successful businessman that sells his products at expos and fairs. He came to me for a reading to see why he was financially blocked. He had a very good product so he did not understand what was happening. He came to a realization after a few sessions with me that he had a negative mind-set about making money.

He had a mind-set that said “you do not have the ability to make over $10,000 at an expo.” For years, he continuously made from $3,000-$10,000 at each expo and fair. This mind-set blocked him and limited the amount of money he could make. It squared his head.

We went through a practice and after a few weeks he had an AH HA moment that allowed him to get more creative in his work and break his financial barrier. He called me up the other day to say “Thank you.” His revenue has multiplied significantly for each expo and fair since then.

How many of us fall under this category? How many of you believe that you can’t make over a certain amount of money for the work that you do? We must break through this mind-set in order to have financial abundance. It is a negative mind-set that we are not worthy, or good enough to have financial abundance. We create this blockage with our mind.

When you have a mind-set and add an emotional aspect like anger or worry you can seriously block your finances. Your emotions create a negative attitude. For example, if you are someone who has been cheated a lot in the past you could have a negative attitude like doubt or over-analysis that is blocking the flow of money in your life. Your attitudes towards money can limit your possibilities.

Some of us can also have beliefs (manifested by our mind) that create barriers related to our finances. For example, you could have learned as a child that being rich meant you were “bad” and being poor being “good.” This belief is a manifestation of the mind. Beliefs can also block all aspects of your life.

Now, it’s time to look at the ego. The ego is a very powerful mind blockage where one tends to focus on oneself. The ego blocks you from connecting to love and the Divine. In order to have financial abundance you need to focus on how to help others to be happier and healthier. The more focus we have on helping others, the more blessings we will receive.

The last mind blockage that we may have is an attachment. Our attachments have strong emotions that connect us to “things” we love. Some of us may have attachments to money making us feel uncomfortable when we don’t have it. This can create a blockage in our life affecting your health, relationships and finances. We must release our attachments in order to grow in our spiritual journey. Removing our attachments helps us to become closer to the Divine.

Our mind is the creator of many blockages related to our finances. It is very important to release them in order to create financial abundance in your life. Mind blockages can actually influence all aspects of your life including health, relationships and finances so it is very important to work on them daily.

How to you remove negative mind-sets, attitudes, beliefs, ego and attachments? You can transform all mind blockages with the power of soul. The soul is the boss. Master Sha says “Transform the soul first, then transformation of the mind and body will follow.” We will apply this principle today to help break our financial barriers.

Practice to Remove Mind Blockages related to Finances

Body Power. Place on palm over your Message Center (Heart Chakra). Put your other palm on top of your head.

Soul Power. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine, I love you. I honor and appreciate you. Please remove my negative mind-sets, attitudes, beliefs, ego and attachments related to my finances. I am extremely grateful. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize golden light radiating in your Message Center and your head. Your Message Center and head are being purified with divine golden light.

Sound Power. Chant repeatedly:

Divine light removes my negative mind-sets, attitudes, and beliefs. Divine light removes my ego and attachments. Thank you, Divine.

Divine light removes my negative mind-sets, attitudes, and beliefs. Divine light removes my ego and attachments. Thank you, Divine.

Divine light removes my negative mind-sets, attitudes, and beliefs. Divine light removes my ego and attachments. Thank you, Divine.

This practice can help to uplift the frequency and vibration of your mind. It can bless your mind with divine consciousness in order to remove your mind blockages. Practice this exercise for 10-30 minutes if you have financial blockages in your life.

Remember to always keep in mind that the purpose of life is to serve. If you create financial abundance, serve others more with an open heart and you will be blessed by heaven. To give is to receive.

Today look at your mind blockages and write down in your journal which ones may be blocking your finances. Practice the exercise to remove mind blockages related to your finances. Write down in your journal your experiences and any new insights about your finances.

Thank you, Divine.

Master Francisco