I’m on a train now going through the green meadows of Holland. The green meadows here go on for miles and miles. They are filled with beautiful picturesque farms, rows of colorful tulips, cheese farms and much more. The cheese in Holland is so yummy.

I just glanced to the right and saw a horse farm. Wow! The horses are so beautiful. A small white pony caught my attention. It was jumping up with joy and galloping in the green field. Seeing this happy little pony made me a recall a book called The Red Pony, by John Steinbeck. I remember reading this book and finding it so heart-breaking.

The Red Pony is broken down into four short stories. My favorite story is called The Gift. In The Gift a young boy receives a beautiful pony and later has to learn the difficult lesson of death.

Millions of people suffer from the loss of loved ones worldwide. Just recently, I meet a woman who lost her 18 year old son in a car accident. I thought to myself that it must be very difficult for a parent to lose a son or daughter. Everyday people worldwide experience pain and suffering when a loved one transitions.

You have the power to offer your family and friends a soul healing to help them during the grieving process. You also can assist the soul of a loved one has transitioned to bless their spiritual journey. Soul Healing Miracles are possible to heal and transform grief and sadness when our loved ones transition.

How can we heal and transform the pain that family and friends experience when a loved one transitions? How can we help our loved ones who are ready to transition or have transitioned?

I would like to share with you today some Soul Power techniques that you can use to help on the soul level. We may always experience some pain when a loved one transitions because we are still humans, but we can bless the souls in a very beautiful and profound way. You can receive a powerful blessing from Master Sha and his Worldwide Representatives to bless the spiritual journey of a loved one that has transitioned. You can also apply Soul Power to bless the family and friends to assist them during their grieving.

First, you can offer a soul healing to the family and friends who have lost a loved one. People will often experience great sadness or pain in their heart and lungs when they lose a loved one. Some people also experience a lack of mental clarity or stress. You can ask the Divine to bless all your family and friends for any suffering or pain they are experiencing on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

To bless the family and friends who are suffering from the loss of a loved one you can do the following soul healing.

Soul Healing for Family and Friends Who Have Lost a Loved One

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center (Heart Chakra). Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of all my family and friends, I love you all. You have the power to be strong, balanced and grounded at this time during the loss of your loved one. You have the power to heal yourself. Do a good job. Thank you. Dear the Divine, I love you. Please offer a soul healing as appropriate to all my family and friends to assist them at this time. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize golden light radiating and shining over your entire family and friends. Visualize everyone with a beautiful golden light ball in their Message Center (Heart Chakra) rotating and offering them a healing blessing.

Sound Power. Chant silently or aloud:

God’s Light
God’s Light
God’s Light
God’s Light
God’s Light

This is a very powerful soul healing you can offer to your family and friends to assist them to connect to the Divine. You can assist them to heal and to grieve in a healthy way using the power of soul. Chant for 10-15, the longer the better.

The most important thing that you can do for a family or friend that is ready to transition or has transitioned is to have their soul enlightened. The purpose of one’s spiritual journey is to reach soul enlightenment. What does soul enlightenment mean?

It means their soul will go to heaven and will have a very special soul standing level. It means there soul will have the opportunity to be closer to the heart of the Divine. When a soul reaches soul enlightenment, they are able to offer more service to humanity with love, care and compassion. It is very special to be able to reach soul enlightenment.

A friend of mine had his whole family including his grandparents receive a Divine Order to enlighten their souls through Master Sha. He wanted to show his deep love and gratitude for his family for supporting his spiritual journey. Recently his grandfather passed away and I had the opportunity to attend the funeral services with him.

As the people gathered around to mourn the life of the grandfather, I could see with my Third Eye very beautiful images. The soul of the grandfather was a radiant gold. A very large soul that was happy and smiling down to all his loved ones. His soul began to offer healing blessings to his whole family and friends. His soul was offering unconditional service. As his soul was doing this I could see that heaven was blessing everyone with flowers. This was a very beautiful to watch with my Third Eye.

You can show your gratitude and appreciation to your family by having their souls enlightened. This is a big blessing for the spiritual journey. It is a blessing for your entire family. Your soul will be very happy when your family and friends reach soul enlightenment.

Today, if you recently lost a loved one or know of someone who has lost a loved one recently do the practice to offer the family and friends a soul healing. In your journal you can write down your experiences and insights in doing the practice.

Love and blessings.

Master Francisco Quintero