Humanity needs help now. Mother Earth needs help now. Millions of people are suffering worldwide. Mother Earth is suffering at this time. All the animals, all of nature, all the oceans are crying of pain. What moves your heart to offer service to those who are suffering? What is preventing you from offering service today?

I was moved by a story today of a young (19 years old) professional golfer named Ryo Ishikawa. He announced to the public that he will be donating all of his 2011 earnings to the victims of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. It is predicted that this will be over $1 million dollars.

I was wondering to myself what moved Ryo Ishikawa’s heart to be willing to do this? I thought that he must be following his soul’s desire to offer service to humanity. What if we all joined hearts and souls together to offer service to ease the pain of those suffering? Imagine what we could do.

I’m not a professional golfer, but I’m a Universal Servant that can offer service to humanity and Mother Earth. Everyone is a universal servant that can offer service to others to help the suffering of humanity. Every day when you wake up you can offer service on a soul level to help ease the suffering of humanity and Mother Earth. You can help to transform the consciousness of humanity. If you are not offering service daily what is blocking you from doing this?

I became a disciple of Master Zhi Gang Sha because he has dedicated his life to offer unconditional service to all souls. I have seen him work very long hours to always help people. It is very common for a workshop or event to be over, and for him to work late to help others, to help ease their pain.

Every day he wakes up to offer service to humanity, Mother Earth and all souls. This has moved my heart and he has empowered me to do the same. Master Sha empowers people to become Universal Servants to help offer love, peace and harmony to humanity, Mother Earth and all souls.

If you feel that you are blocked from being an Unconditional Universal Servant we can apply Soul Power to help us to release these blockages. You can have spiritual blockages related to your karma that is preventing you from fulfilling your soul’s desire to serve. I often see with my Third Eye that people’s souls are suffering greatly because they want to serve from the very depths of their heart, but their karma is blocking them.

Our karma stops or prevents us from offering service. Why? When we offer service we are gaining virtue, which means that your soul is growing and developing. Your karma tries to stop or delay your spiritual growth and development because of the harm that we have caused others in this life and pastlives. It is very important to offer forgiveness to self-clear the karma or to receive a karma cleansing from Master Sha or one of his Worldwide Representatives.

Practice to Remove Blockages that Prevent You from Being an Unconditional Universal Servant

Body Power. Place your left palm over your heart. Place your right hand in over your lower abdomen.

Soul Power. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of all the souls that I have hurt in this life and pastlives, I love you all. Please forgive me for any harm that I may have caused you. I ask for your sincere apology. Thank you. Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine please transform all my soul, heart, mind and body blockages so that I can become an Unconditional Universal Servant. I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize your heart radiating golden light. Visualize your heart is pure and fully open. Imagine the Divine’s heart is melding with your heart. Your heart is the Divine’s heart. The Divine’s heart is your heart.

Sound Power. Chant the Divine Soul Song of God Gives His Heart to Me for 5-30 minutes, the longer the better:

God Gives His Heart to Me
God Gives His Love to Me
My Heart Melds with His Heart
My Love Melds with His Love

This exercise will help to remove the blockages that are preventing you from being an Unconditional Universal Servant. It can transform your life so that you help to relief the suffering of others. This is the greatest thing that you can do for your soul, heart, mind and body.

Now, let us join hearts and souls together to offer service to humanity, Mother Earth and all souls. Silently or aloud repeat the following invocation:

Dear the Divine,
Dear the Tao,
Dear all our spiritual fathers and mothers in heaven,
Dear all of humanity,
Dear Mother Earth,
Dear all of nature and the animals,
Dear all planets, stars, galaxies and universes,
Dear all countless souls,
We love you all.
Please chant with us the Divine Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony.
Thank you.

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love Peace and Harmony
Love Peace and Harmony

Chant Love Peace and Harmony for a few minutes, the longer the better. By chanting this Divine Soul Song you can help to transform the consciousness of humanity and to relief the suffering at this time on Mother Earth.

I challenge each of you today to look deep in your heart and see what motivates you to offer service. Go out into the world to offer a helping hand. Do not forget that you can also offer service on the soul level to your loved ones, to your community, to your city, to your country, to Mother Earth and beyond.

Practice the exercise today to release the blockages related to being an Unconditional Universal Servant and write down your insights and experiences.

Join Hearts and Souls Together!

Master Francisco Quintero