In 2009 I moved from Watsonville, California to Frankfurt, Germany and had a strange experience on my flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt. A ladybug was on the airplane and it was sitting right next to me near the window seat. I could not believe there was a ladybug on the airplane.

I kept thinking to myself how the ladybug got on the plane. At one point I moved the ladybug to a safer place on the airplane. I was afraid I would harm it if I happened to fall asleep and lean against the window (the flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt is about 11 hours non-stop). I feel asleep…and a few hours later the ladybug was right next to me again. I thought to myself “How could this be, I moved it about 20 feet away.” I did not think much of this experience at that point.

I landed early in the morning in Frankfurt, picked up my luggage and a friend of mine picked me up at the airport. As I was getting in her car I realized she had a ladybug in her car, “How can this be?” I shared with my friend my ladybug experience and she told me that ladybugs bring good luck. I thought that was a great message since I was moving away from my home and country to a foreign place. Luck would be great to have!

A few days later I saw another ladybug near my apartment. I said to myself “This must be a message from heaven.” I talked to the soul of the ladybug and this is what she told me:

Message from the Soul of My Ladybug

“Hao! Dear Francisco, I honor and appreciate you. I came to you on this day to offer you a short little teaching and blessing. It is very important for you to remember to always help others to stay connected to their hearts. You are going to Europe to help people stay connected to love and to the Divine. I want you to know that the Divine has given you all the spiritual treasures and tools so that you can accomplish all your tasks. You have been blessed in your journey. I will help to guide you along the way. I will remind you to always stay grounded, to connect to the Divine and to help others in this process. I bring you good luck on your new journey. You are blessed. Thank you.”

During my first spring in Germany I saw many ladybugs everywhere. What a blessing! This morning as I was checking some emails I noticed that there was a ladybug in my room. It was sitting right in front of my computer. I thought to myself once again “How can this be?”

The ladybug inspired me to write this blog for today so that you can learn how to see blessings in your life and communicate with the souls of animals.

Animals have beautiful and wonderful souls. They can bring messages from heaven and can offer us healing blessings. Let me tell you about a horse in the Netherlands. A friend of mine is a horse trainer and invited me to ride her horse in the Netherlands. I was so afraid of the horse that I was very cautious and trembling inside…I must have a past life memory.

As I was feeding the horse it began to make these strange movements with its jaw. It was like pulling something out of me. I realized that I was stressed and it began to clear all my energy blockages related to stress.

The horse was helping to balance me inside and out. It continued for about 3 minutes and at the end I felt very good. The horse had balanced me and helped me to reach a state of inner harmony. Do you want to know why it did this? It was helping me to reach a state of inner peace and release my fear of him so that I could ride him. At the end of the day I had an amazing ride on the horse. Yeah, I let go of a fear!

Animals can be a great blessing in your life if you open your soul, heart, mind and body to the possibility. If an animal comes into your life today unexpectedly or appears a lot in your life here is a simple way to communicate with the soul of the animal.

How to Do Soul Communication with Animals

You can receive wisdom, teachings and messages from the soul of an animal.

To communicate with the soul of animal you can place your left palm over your Message Center (Heart Chakra) and your right hand in prayer position.

You are now ready to communicate with the soul of an animal, say “Dear soul, mind and body of the ladybug (or animal you want to communicate with), I love you. Do you have a message for me today? I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you.”

Listen with your heart and not your mind.

This is a simple and powerful way that you can do soul communication.

You can communicate with your pet, all animals, birds and little creatures. You can ask a wide range of questions when communicating with animals.

For example, you can ask “What is the significance that you came into my life? Do you have a teaching for me at this time? What blessing do you bring to me at this time?”

Soul Communication is very powerful because it goes directly to the source, the soul, to receive wisdom and knowledge to help transform your life to be happier and healthier.

For today pick an animal that you can practice doing soul communication with. It can be your pet, or neighbor’s pet, or bird in your backyard. It can even be an animal that you once had or came across.

Communicate with its soul to receive a message. In your journal write down the message you receive and your experience.

Good luck everyone!

Master Francisco Quintero