Trust is one of the ingredients that is necessary in a relationship in order to have love, peace and harmony. By having trust in a relationship you are able to be open to give and receive love. It is important to be open to give and receive love because love is one of the golden keys to healing and transformation.

Love melts all blockages, including blockages in your health, relationships and finances.

If a relationship is build on trust it can grow and blossom. A trusting relationship can be very healing and can help support the growth of your soul.

Our first experience with trust is with our parents. We were born into this world trusting they will feed and protect us. We trust they will take care of us and love us unconditionally. For some of us the trust to our parents was very strong in our childhood.

The trust we experienced as babies and children has helped us to be spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically strong. For some us we may have lost trust in our parents as babies or children, or possibly even in our teenage years.

We could have been hurt in a painful way that caused us to lose trust in one of the most important relationships we have, the relationship with our mother and father. What happens then?

Let me share with you two stories of two mothers who can help you possibly gain further insight on how the lost of trust can harm a relationship.

A mother with a one son and one daughter came to me today for a spiritual reading and asked me why she had great struggles with her daughter. The mother was very sad because the daughter was not speaking with her for over 10 years and desired to have a closer relationship with her daughter.

The daughter is 27 years old now. I did a spiritual reading and discovered that the daughter had lost trust in the mother between the ages of 9-14. I received a strong sense of disconnection between the soul of the mother and the soul of the daughter around this time period.

I saw a Third Eye image of a young girl who trusted her mother completely, but experienced great pain. This pain caused the daughter to lose trust in her mother.

I asked the mother after the spiritual reading if something traumatic happened between the ages of 9-14. The mother said “yes, that is when I divorced her father.” I communicated with the soul of the daughter and her soul said she was deeply hurt by the divorce and she lost trust in her mother during that time.

The lost of trust caused the relationship to slowly become broken. The mother understood her daughter’s pain more fully and was now willing to take the next step in building trust again in their relationship.

I will share with you what the Divine guided me to share with the mother at the end of the two stories.

The second mother also came to me very heartbroken because her son has not talked to her for over 6 years. She did not understand how they went from having a very open and healthy relationship to not speaking.

The mother did mention that her son thought she did not like her son’s girlfriend but she was not sure if this was the true reason why he would not speak to her. She said she liked the girlfriend, but felt in her heart there was something else that was the root blockage.

During the spiritual reading I saw with my Third Eye a young boy who also loved and trusted his mother completely. During the ages of 3-5 years I saw his soul crying and very lonely. His soul was telling me that his mother did not care and love him.

I saw that this young boy had lost trust in his mother. I was surprised to see the same issue of trust arise in the same day. Was I receiving a teaching on trust I thought to myself? I then asked the mother what happened between the ages of 3-5. The mother began to cry and release some sadness.

The mother said that during that time period her other son had been very sick and she had to spend all her time with him. The brother was constantly in the hospital and had to be watched for 24 hours a day. The mother said she did not spend much time with her son that was not speaking to her during that time in her life. She cried as she learned the reason why her relationship with her son had challenges.

What about the rest of us?

Can it be possible that we have lost trust in our parents?

Close your eyes now and ask yourself the following “Do I trust my mother?” and “Do I trust my father?” Listen with your heart for a yes or no. If you don’t get an answer, feel an emotional response in your body.

Did you feel pain or sadness, did you cry, or feel anger? If yes, you might have some blockages related to trust with your parents.

Take a deep breathe, relax, and let us now use Soul Power to heal and transform this blockage. You have the power to create a Soul Healing Miracle today in your relationships.

Practice to Build Trust in a Relationship

Body Power. Place your left palm over your heart. Place your right palm over your lower abdomen.

Soul Power. Say “Dear soul, mind and body my mother (or name of person you have trust issue with), I love you. Please forgive me for any harm that I have caused you in this life and pastlives. I forgive you unconditionally for any harm or pain that you have caused me in this life and pastlives. Let us join hearts and souls together to have a relationship build on trust. I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you. Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine, I love you. I honor and appreciate you. Please transform my trust blockages with my mother (or name of person you have trust issue with). Please help our relationship to have a strong foundation build on trust. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize the soul of your mother in front of you. Visualize that love and forgiveness is being exchanged between the two you. Imagine a golden light ball rotating in your Message Center (Heart Chakra) and your mother’s Message Center. Visualize the Divine blessing your relationship with love, forgiveness and trust.

Sound Power. Chant:

Divine Love, Divine Love, Divine Love, Divine Love, Divine Love

Divine Forgiveness, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Forgiveness

Divine Trust, Divine Trust, Divine Trust, Divine Trust, Divine Trust

Chant for 5-10 minutes or more, the longer the better.

Repeat this exercise with the soul of your father. Practice this exercise daily if you have big blockages in your relationship with your mother or father. You can apply this exercise to heal and transform your relationship with your husband, wife, partner, friend or colleague.

All relationships issues are related to your karma. When a soul loses trust in a relationship, it is because it has been hurt or harmed. It is important to do the practices with sincerity and honesty in order to self-clear the spiritual blockages.

Look at the important relationships in your life today and ask yourself if you have trust with those people. Repeat the exercise with every person you feel that you may have a trust blockage with. You may discover that if you repeat this exercise daily that one day your relationship will be build on trust. This will be a big blessing in your life.

In your journal write down your experience of doing the practice and any insights you may have about your relationships.

Love you. Love you. Love you.

Master Francisco Quintero