Early this morning I was at the Hamburg airport waiting for my flight back to Frankfurt. I just finished a workshop in Schwerin, Germany.

I was sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a MilchKaffee when I saw a man walking towards me with a rolling handbag, a newspaper tucked underneath his left arm, a large cup of coffee in his left hand. As he was trying to sit down his cup of coffee spilled all over the table. As he was waiting for the waiter to come over to clean the table, the spilled coffee started to glisten with golden light.

The golden light then started turning into golden coins that were surrounding the man. I thought to myself “Oh my! He is receiving a financial blessing from heaven and he doesn’t even know it.” Can it really be that you can receive a blessing from heaven when you spill a cup of coffee? The answer is “Yes!”

The Divine and heaven bless us in many different ways. Sometimes the blessings come in ways that you might not even expect. You need to open your eyes to the possibility that heaven will bless you in an unusual way. If you open your eyes to the possibility of receiving blessings you will discover that everyday you are being blessed by heaven. Everyone and everything is being blessed by heaven daily. We are constantly being supported and blessed by heaven in order for us to grow and offer service. Isn’t it wonderful to know that heaven is always guiding and blessing us?

The key to realizing when you are receiving a blessing is to transform your thinking. Do not think that every disaster or everything that goes wrong in your life is bad. Master Zhi Gang Sha always says “Disaster and success happen at the same time.” This is a very important teaching to understand in your spiritual journey because it will open your eyes to understand that you can have big blessings even in times when there is a big disaster. Soul Healing Miracles can happen every day of your life if your mind is open to the possibility.

How can you transform your thinking?

It is important to remove and transform mind sets, attitudes, beliefs, ego and attachments. Our mind blocks us from seeing the wonderful blessings that we can receive. If you see the spilled cup of coffee or water as a disaster or embarrassment you are thinking negatively. Change your thinking so that you see the spilled cup of coffee or water as a BIG blessing.

Here is a practice that you can do to help you to transform your negative thinking.

Practice to Transform Negative Thinking

Body Power. Place your left palm over your heart. Place your right hand over the crown of your head.

Soul Power. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of my mind, I love you. I’m so honored and appreciative. You have the power to transform and to see the blessings and teachings in all things. Thank you. Dear soul, mind and body of my of the Divine, I love you. I’m so honored and appreciative. Please transform my mind sets, attitudes, beliefs, ego and attachments so that I can see the blessings in my life and the life of others. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize your heart is radiating golden light. Your heart is pure and filled with love and light.

Sound Power. Chant the Divine Sacred Soul Song of God Gives His Heart to Me for 5-15 minutes or longer.

God Gives His Heart to Me
God Gives His Love to Me
My Heart Melds with His Heart
My Love Melds with His Love

This exercise can transform your mind so that it is more pure. Your heart houses the mind. Your mind will be calm and peaceful when your heart is pure. Your mind will see the blessings in all.

This is a powerful practice that you can practice daily to help you transform your mind, remove your mind sets, attitudes, beliefs, ego and attachments that block you in your spiritual journey.

I challenge each of you today to remember to say “Thank you Divine for the financial blessing,” every time you spill a cup of coffee, water or drink. You will take one step further in realizing that you are being blessed by the Divine and heaven.

It will begin your journey in seeing the good in all. In fact, if you begin to say “Thank you, Divine” for all your challenges you will begin to transform your mind to see the blessings from heaven.

Practice the exercise to transform your mind today and write down in your journal your experiences. You can also make a note of situations in your life that you saw as disasters or set-backs in the past. Ask your soul or the Divine what were the blessings or teachings behind those situations.

Love you everyone.

Master Francisco