Today I had the opportunity to go to a German birthday party in Schwerin, Germany. It was my first German birthday party so it was quite special. I finished an Open Your Spiritual Channels workshop in the late afternoon in the beautiful city of Schwerin. You would absolutely love the castle in Schwerin. It looks like something from a Cinderella story. The castle is surrounded by gardens that are absolutely beautiful during the late spring and summer. In the evening my friend and I went to her brother’s birthday party. I had the opportunity to meet all her brothers and sisters, daughters, nephews, nieces, and grandchildren. It was a big family gathering. It reminded me of the big Mexican family gatherings back home in California.

It was great to see all her family so happy and cheerful giving each other big hugs. The food was the best German food I have ever had. I had roasted pork with sauerkraut. I’ve never liked sauerkraut when I lived in America, but it is so delicious when it is homemade in Germany. Yummy. There was so much love from all the family members for each other. The best part of the evening was a play the family put on for the birthday man. I laughed so much and I didn’t even know what they were saying half the time with my limited German. It was a great show!

I share this wonderful experience with you because I experienced a family that was filled with love, joy and happiness. I often meet people around the world asking me to help them heal and transform their family relationships. Family relationships are one of the biggest challenges that we face on a daily basis. In the spiritual and physical journey it is very important that we have happy and healthy family relationships. Family members bring a very special blessing to our lives so it is very important that we learn how to heal and transform them so that the relationships can continue to grow.

Did you know that your soul picked your parents, brothers and sisters and entire family before being born into this lifetime? Your soul chose to come into this lifetime into a family that would offer it the best opportunity to learn and grow. Your soul selected your parents, brothers and sisters in order to learn more about how to offer unconditional love, how to forgive unconditionally, how to have more compassion for others, and to stay strong in times of difficulty and much more. Even if we have very difficult challenges in our family relationships they are all related to the lessons that we are here to learn. Our family plays a very big role in our spiritual journey. We must learn how to always remain in the condition of divine love and light in order to maintain love peace and harmony in our family.

One of the most important things to understand and remember is to have gratitude for all your family members. Our family members play a significant role in our spiritual journey. The virtue that your family accumulates can bless your spiritual journey beyond words and of all future generations. Our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and ancestors play one of the most important roles in blessing our spiritual journey. For some of us, the only reason we made it this far in our spiritual journey was because of the virtue that one or more of our ancestors passed on to us. To be given the opportunity to do the same for future generations is such a great honor.

Why do we struggle in our family relationships? Relationship karma. Yes, there is that key word again. Karma can block every aspect of life. I hope you are realizing by now that it is very important that you clear your karma because it can block you in very painful ways.

Let me share with you a recent story that can give you an idea how karma affects your family relationships. I met a man who had great challenges in his family. He argued with his wife on a daily basis and was often very angry towards her. He loved his children but struggled with his wife everyday for the past 10 years. The wife eventually divorced him and moved to another city with the children. He could not understand why he was facing all these challenges, because on some level he loved his wife very much but was constantly battling with her. The man asked himself over and over “Why me?”

He came to me for some spiritual guidance recently and I did a reading for him. In a pastlife this man had abandoned his wife and she was deeply hurt and harmed. In another lifetime the wife had also done the same to the husband. They were in a pattern lifetime after lifetime of abandoning each other and being deeply hurt. In this lifetime their karma brought them together in order to transform and clear it. Karma brings people together in relationships so it is very important that we learn how to self-clear it in order to grow.

How can we self-clear our karma in order to heal and transform our relationships? By offering love and forgiveness to the souls of our family members we can heal and transform our relationships. The key is to offer love and forgiveness with sincerity and honesty. Here is a practice that you can do in order to heal and transform you family relationships.

Practice to Heal Family Relationships

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center. Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say, “Dear soul, mind and body of my mother, my father, all my brothers and sisters (you can name them one by one), I love you all. You have power to heal and transform your relationships. Please forgive each other for any harm that you may have caused each other in this life and pastlives. You have power to live in love, peace and harmony. Let us all work together to be happier and healthier. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize your family is holding hands in a circle. Rainbow light is radiating in each of their Message Centers. Rainbow light is radiating throughout your entire family.

Sound Power. Repeat or chant silently or aloud:

Divine Love. Divine Love. Divine Love. Divine Love…

Divine Forgiveness. Divine Forgiveness. Divine Forgiveness. Divine Forgiveness…

Divine Peace. Divine Peace. Divine Peace. Divine Peace. Divine Peace…

Divine Harmony. Divine Harmony. Divine Harmony. Divine Harmony. Divine Harmony…

Chant for 3-5 minutes, the longer the better. Practice this powerful exercise to transform your family relationships. Practice everyday if you have major struggles in your family until the family struggles transform to love and light.

In order to be happier and healthier in your life it is important to heal and transform your family relationships. It is heart-breaking to hear of people who have completely avoided their family members because they could not heal and transform their family relationships. Often there is deep pain and suffering that must be transformed in order to allow your soul to grow and to be freer. Instead of running away from the family issues, it is much better to use the Soul Power techniques to heal and transform them. Your soul, heart, mind and body and the souls of every family member, and all your ancestors will be blessed beyond words.

Today practice the exercise to transform family relationships. Write down your experiences and insights. If there is a particular family member you have the family blockages with you can repeat the exercise again and only invoke their soul to receive the blessings. May all your family relationships be blessed with love, peace and harmony.