I was amazed today by a heart-touching video of two dogs caught in the tsunami in Japan. It demonstrates that animals also have unconditional love and want to serve unconditionally. All animals have souls. In fact everything has a soul! The purpose of every soul’s life is to serve. To offer unconditional love, care and compassion to others including humans, animals, trees, plants, nature, Mother Earth, planets, stars, galaxies and beyond.

In this tear-inducing video you will see a dog standing next to another dog that is sick. The dog is caring for the sick dog and shows it’s loyalty amidst devastation. Even in times of suffering and devastation this dog does not leave the sick dog alone. It is showing its love, care and compassion towards another soul that is so profound. The dog is willing to sacrifice its life. The dog’s unconditional love to serve is what is needed at this time on Mother Earth.

During the Mother Earth transition all souls will go through a profound transformation. All souls are being uplifted in their frequency and vibration in order to become closer to the Divine. In the process of transformation Mother Earth will go through great natural disasters that will test our ability to offer love, care and compassion to others. The Mother Earth transition will not only affect human beings, but animals, plants, trees, all of nature, the Sun, the Moon, stars, and galaxies. The Mother Earth transition is much more universal. In fact you can call it a universal transition because it will affect all souls.

How can we help? Search deep in your heart to offer service that comes from your heart. Everyday remember to offer service to others, including your pets, all the animals on Mother Earth, all of nature, etc. Do not forget that the animals will also suffer during the Mother Earth transition. They will also need your love and care. The dogs shown in the video have been rescued and are being treated by medical professionals. Thank you Divine.

In order to save humanity it will require the kind of love, care and compassion shown by the dog in this video. We must be able to stand strong and be willing to always offer love to others even in times of great devastation. The key to remaining strong is to forget about yourself. If you focus on serving others the Divine, saints and angels will always be there to assist you. Focus on service and you will always be supported in every aspect of your life. Do not forget this!

You can also help on the soul level to offer service to all the animals on Mother Earth. The animals will greatly appreciate your service!

Join me know in a practice to offer service to all the animals on Mother Earth, especially to those suffering in Japan that have been caught in the tsunami.

Practice to Offer Service to all the Animals on Mother Earth

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center (heart chakra) in the middle of your chest. Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say with me, “Dear soul, mind and body of all the pets, we love you all. We are so honored and appreciate of your love and for being in our lives. Thank you.”

“Dear soul, mind and body of all the animals on Mother Earth, we love you all. We are so honored and appreciate of each of you. Thank you.”

“Dear soul, mind and body of all the animals affected by the tsunami in Japan, we love you all. You have the power to be strong and to heal yourself. Thank you.”

“Dear soul, mind and body of all the animals on Mother Earth please chant with use Love Peace and Harmony to offer service to all the animals suffering at this time. Thank you.”

“Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine Soul Song Love Peace and Harmony please assist all the animal souls on Mother Earth. Thank you.”

Sound Power. Let us now chant:
I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and soul together
Love Peace and Harmony
Love Peace and Harmony

Mind Power. Visualize that Mother Earth is ONE big rainbow light ball that is blessing all the animal souls.

I challenge each of you to remember to do this practice everyday for a few minutes to offer service to all the animals on Mother Earth. It is urgent that we help all the souls on Mother Earth.

Today, in your journal do the practice to offer service to all the animal souls and write down your experience. If you are inspired to donate to an animal rescue charity that will also be another form of good service.

Love you all.

Watch now the heart-touching story of an amazing dog (grab a tissue paper first). You can find the story by clicking here.