Spring time has arrived early in Frankfurt, Germany this year. The Sun has been shining very beautifully. It feels so good to go outside to enjoy the Sun. People look happier and healthier.

The children have radiant smiles as they are out playing in the Spielplatz (playground). The restaurants and cafes are bringing out the outdoor tables and chairs. The European charm of outdoor cafes is back after a winter break.

Yesterday a dear friend of my came from Toronto where it has been very cold this winter and snowing a lot. We had lunch and as we were walking to the Love Peace Harmony Institute we stopped for some coffee.

The café had an outdoor patio and the Sun was shining. As he was ordering he glanced behind him and saw the radiant Sun shining. He had a joyful look on his face and was very happy to see the Sun shining. The sunshine brought him happiness. It was great to see his expression of joy.

The Sun has amazing healing qualities. It helps our soul to expand and shine brighter. The Sun can help you to create a Soul Healing Miracle in your life. The souls of our organs, systems and cells of our body also expand and shine brighter. This is why we feel better when the Sun is shining.

We have the power to feel this way everyday all year long.

How do we do it?

Ask the soul of the Sun to shine inside your body. The soul of the Sun is an Unconditional Universal Servant. It is available to us 24 hours a day all year long (even in the winter). Here is how you can receive a blessing from the Sun.

First, sit up straight and relax.

Place your hands in your lower abdomen. Now say, “Dear soul, mind and body of the Sun, I love you. Thank you for supporting my life. I’m so honored and appreciative. Please offer a blessing to my whole body to be happier and healthier. Thank you.” Chant sunlight, sunlight, sunlight, sunlight, sunlight for 10-15 minutes are longer. The longer you chant the better.

Visualize the Sun in your lower abdomen. Your Body Soul is radiant and filled with light. Visualize that every organ and cell of your body is radiating light. All your souls are happy and filled with joy. This practice is very powerful especially when you are feeling sad or depressed.

Today do the practice with the Sun and write down your experience in your journal. Let the SUN SHINE!!!

With the greatest love and light,

Master Francisco Quintero