Millions of people are searching for the secret to financial abundance in their lives. The secret to financial abundance is to offer unconditional service to others. Yes, serve others and heaven will reward you.

How does heaven reward you? In the physical world we have banks and money. In the physical world we are financially rewarded for the work we do.

In the spiritual world you have a heaven’s virtue bank (spiritual bank account). Our virtue bank only grows when we offer service to others. The more service that you offer the more virtue you will receive in your heaven’s bank account.

The key to financial abundance is to create a virtue bank that is HUGE.

I challenge each of you to focus on SERVICE to help others to be happier and healthier. If you focus on helping others heaven will return blessings to you. You can create a Soul Healing Miracle to transform your finances by focusing on service.

Everyone has a financial channel that connects your physical bank account and your virtue bank account. Money and virtue can exchange. Money and virtue are constantly flowing.

The picture of the hour glass is a good example of how this looks. The top of the hour glass is your virtue bank. You want that to be filled with virtue. The bottom part of the hour glass is your physical bank account. You also want that to be filled.

For some of us the money flowing from heaven is very smooth, for some of us it’s only trickling in.

Why does money only trickle in our lives?

Karma. Yes, we can have financial karma that is affecting the flow of money in our lives. Financial karma is how we have used our finances in this life and past lives. Did you cheat others financially in this life or past lives? Did you abuse your power with your money in this life or past lives?

Financial karma is like having credit card debt. If you have heavy financial karma (HUGE credit card debt) it can be very very difficult to pay off and can take a very long time.

So, some of you may be thinking. I always offer service but I still have huge financial blockages.

It is also possible that you may have a curse, negative memory or vow that is blocking the flow of money in your life.

I have met many people who have made big vows to live in poverty in this life and past lives. The vows are like strong clamps that are placed on your financial channel. It’s like making the center of the hour glass smaller, which will block the flow of money to the physical world.

Think of a water hose. What happens when the water hose gets twisted or you step on it? The water does not flow or only trickles out. This is what happens to your financial channel if you have curses, negative memories or vows.

You can have a very healthy virtue bank, but the vow can block how much will manifest in the physical world.

The key to self-clearing karma is SERVICE. That is why service is so important in our lives. In order to bless our life with good health, relationships and finances we must focus only on one thing – Unconditional Service. The more that we serve with a pure heart, the more blessings we will receive.

The difficulty in trying to clear our own karma is that it can take a long long time, or even lifetimes. There is also a Divine Way to clear your financial karma, curses, negative memories and vows that Master Sha and his Worldwide Representatives offer.

When you receive a financial karma cleansing, it is like paying off your credit card debt. You will feel free! This does not mean that your virtue bank will be abundant.

To clear your financial karma is to clear your debt that you already owe to others. It is also important to receive a Divine Financial Soul, which carries the virtue to fill your virtue bank account.

It is like receiving a HUGE amount of virtue that is placed in your heaven’s virtue bank (it’s like receiving a SUPER HUGE bonus from your boss).

In order to manifest the virtue to physical money it is important to focus on service. The more service you offer the more that this exchange of virtue and money will happen. This is the key!…write it down SERVICE IS THE KEY TO FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE.

Here is an excerpt from my latest book Divine Joy: How to Experience Joy in Daily Life which teaches people how to bless their finances. I hope you enjoy it!

Transforming Finances with Divine Joy
Divine joy can bless your finances. Each time Master Zhi Gang Sha offers financial blesses I often see with my Third Eye buddhas with many golden coins surrounding them. They are happy and joyful. Use this image as you invoke the soul of Divine joy to bless your finances.

Body Power. With one palm or fist, do Soul Tapping on the area of your Message Center. Put your other palm or fist over your head above the crown chakra. Do Soul Tapping on both these areas at the same time.

Soul Power. Dear soul of Divine joy, I love you, honor you, and appreciate you. Please bless my finances with abundance. Please fill the soul of my finances with joy. I am very grateful. Thank you.

Sound Power. Repeat the following:

Divine joy blesses my finances. Thank you.
Divine joy blesses my finances. Thank you.
Divine joy blesses my finances. Thank you.
Divine joy blesses my finances. Thank you.

The soul of my finances is filled with joy.
The soul of my finances is filled with joy.
The soul of my finances is filled with joy.
The soul of my finances is filled with joy.

Mind Power. Visualize the soul of your finances blessed by the Divine with golden light. The soul of your finances is happy, joyful and full of golden light. The soul of your finances getting bigger, bigger, bigger… Bigger, Bigger, Bigger…BIGGER, BIGGER, BIGGER…HUGE, HUGE, HUGE… filled with golden coins from heaven.

Practice three to five minutes at a time, three to five times per day, the longer the better. You may receive great financial abundance the more that you practice. The key to receiving financial abundance is to offer universal service to others. If you move heaven with your service to humanity, heaven may bless you beyond words.

Today, do the practice on how to bless your finances and write down in your journal your experiences. You can also do soul communication with your Body Soul and Divine and ask what types of spiritual blockages you have that are blocking the flow of money in your life.

If you realize you need a financial karma cleansing I’m here to help.

See the video to learn how to receive financial blessings.

With the greatest love and appreciation,

Master Francisco Quintero