Yesterday I had a new window in my kitchen placed. A construction crew came early in the morning and started their work. I had to move the appliances, dishes and plants in order for them to do their job. At the end of the day I realized the kitchen was dirty and filled with dust. I woke up this morning thinking…“Oh no, it is now time to clean the kitchen!”

Why is it important to clean the kitchen? The kitchen is a very special place where you can receive Divine Blessings and allow your soul to be creative. It can be transformed to a heavenly kitchen that is blessing your food which will nourish you, your family and friends with heaven’s vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and much more.

How do you transform your kitchen into a heavenly kitchen? First, make sure your kitchen is clean and well organized. The principles of energy flow in your kitchen also apply. Make sure the cupboards are organized to allow energy to flow. Make sure the appliances are in the right location. Place a nice colorful plant in your kitchen to bring some life into it.

Second, as you are cooking you can ask heaven’s kitchen saints to bless your vegetables, fruits, pasta and all your ingredients with heaven’s vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of heaven’s kitchen saints, please bless all my food with heaven’s vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. I’m so honored and appreciative. Thank you.”

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join Hearts and Souls Together
Love Peace and Harmony
Love Peace and Harmony

You can also chant Soul Language or your favorite mantra as you are preparing and cooking your meal. Visualize all your fruits and vegetables radiating golden light. Visualize heaven’s nectar is filling them with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

You can also ask the soul of your stove, the souls of all your kitchen appliances to also sing and dance with you as you are cooking and preparing your meal. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of the soul of my kitchen, all my kitchen appliances, all my fruits and vegetables. I love you all. Please chant Love Peace and Harmony with me as I prepare this meal for my family and friends. Thank you.” Souls love to offer service and this is one way to make your kitchen souls very happy.

This is a very powerful, simple and fun way that you can increase the frequency and vibration of the food that you eat so that you are happier and healthier.

Today use the power of soul to prepare and cook your food. In your journal write down your experience and how the food tasted differently to you.

Enjoy your heavenly food…yummy.