The spiritual and physical journey is not black and white. It is multi-faceted and filled with infinite possibilities and colors. In order to grow spiritually we must be flexible at all times and see things in rainbow light. The rainbow light is filled with infinite colors with different frequencies and vibrations. We must be open and willing to see things differently so that our lives flow more smoothly. To have flexibility is to see things in rainbow light.

I often meet students who struggle much more than they have to because they only see things in black and white. This creates challenges because if they see themselves as failing they do not realize there are others ways that may get the same job done, and possibly even easier and better.

It is a mind-set when we only see things as black and white. Life is much more than black and white. Open your eyes today and try to see things in rainbow light. Imagine having infinite solutions to your challenges. This is very important in the spiritual journey because the soul world, the saints, the angels, the Divine, the Tao all come in different frequencies and vibrations. If you are flexible, you will be able to solve problems and face challenges much more easily and smoothly.

Students who are normally very rigid in their thinking or perfectionist will often struggle the most while they are in the process of developing their flexibility. Often those who are serious in their spiritual journey will be tested by heaven to develop their flexibility. Students who are in the process of developing their flexibility can many times find themselves in the mode of complaining. So the next time you find yourself complaining, stop yourself and ask “Can I be more flexible at this time?”

How can you develop your flexibility? The Rainbow Key is to ALWAYS focus on serving others. If you are always concentrating on serving others you will begin to see things differently. You will see the souls of others in many different colors. You will understand that some souls need joy, some need more love, and some simply need a smile for their healing and transformation.

If you are always helping others to be happier and healthier your life will be blessed beyond words. If you are selfish and simply rigid with your thinking you will create challenges in your life that may be unpleasant. The question I always ask myself when working with students or clients is “What does their soul need at this time to heal or transform?” I do not think with my mind what is best for them, but I ask their soul or the Divine for the guidance.

Today I challenge each of you to be more flexible in your life. Go beyond seeing things only as black and white. Ask your soul, the Divine to show you the best way to solve your challenges and to bring more joy into the lives of others.

If you are struggling with flexibility I recommend that every day for next 101 days you wake up every morning and tell your soul the following: “Dear soul, mind and body of my Body Soul, I love you. Please have more flexibility today so that I can offer greater service to others. Thank you.” A simple message like this can transform your life beyond words.

In your journal today write down a challenge you have in which you are still struggling with. Ask your soul “What are other possible solutions to this challenge that will offer service to all souls.” Remember to listen with your heart and not your mind.