What is the color of your soul? All souls radiate different colors. I have seen with my Third Eye that some people have souls that radiate soft pink colors, bright purple with stars, deep greens with waves of pink, bright joyful yellows, and golden souls like the radiant sun. The color of your soul radiates out from your Message Center (Heart Chakra) and extends beyond your physical body. The color of your soul is related to the qualities and gifts that your soul has in order to help humanity and all souls.

Here is a short practice how you can discover the color of your soul. Sit up straight, place your left hand over your Message Center (located at the center of your chest) and your right hand in prayer position. Close your eyes. Place your mind in your Message Center. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of my Body Soul, I love you. What is the color of your soul? Please allow me to see the color of my soul with my Third Eye. Thank you.” Chant for 3-5 minutes “I love my heart and soul,” then close your eyes and chant silently for another 10 minutes. Relax! Breathe deep into your abdomen.

Continue to chant “I love my heart and soul.” In a few minutes you will feel very relaxed and be deep in meditation. Visualize that your Message Center has a closed door, and that door begins to open wide. Fully open the door! Don’t be afraid to see your soul. Your soul loves you very deeply. Open! Open! Open! Ah, I love my soul. See your Body Soul radiating in your Message Center. Observe the colors of your soul. Bright. Shiny. Enjoy! Take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the colors of your soul. At the end of the practice say “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” This is a simple practice you can do to discover the colors of your soul.

How can the color of your soul help you? The color of your soul is how it expresses itself to other souls, its gifts and abilities. You can ask your soul, “Dear soul, mind and body of my Body Soul, I love you. Why do you enjoy to radiate deep green, pink, etc.” You may discover something new about your soul. Souls that radiate yellows often have gifts to bring joy and happiness to others. Souls that radiate greens have gifts to heal. Souls that radiate purples have deep spiritual connections. Most souls radiate various colors, not just one. The color of your soul can also change over time or depending on its state of transformation. If your soul is radiating greens it can mean that your soul is in the process of healing and transforming itself.

Write down in your journal what you discovered about the color of your soul today. If you did not see anything with your Third Eye, write down your feelings or experiences.