Soul Communication is a powerful tool to use to assist you throughout the 108 Days to Soul Wellness. You can receive very powerful teachings, wisdom and knowledge from your soul, your spiritual guides and the Divine. It can truly transform your life so that you are more fully aligned with the Divine, with your soul, heart, mind and body.

If you are new and have little experience doing Soul Communication I will share an easy way to get you started. First place one hand in your lower abdomen and one hand in the middle of your chest. Close your eyes. Breathe. Visualize a golden light being (a golden baby Buddha) sitting inside your Message Center (your Heart Chakra) which is located in the middle of your chest. The Message Center is a powerful energy center that is also known as the healing center, soul communication center, life transformation center and much more. Chant God’s Light as you visualize the golden baby Buddha in your Message Center. Chant for at least 5-10 minutes.

The golden baby Buddha sitting in your Message Center is your soul. Say hello to your soul by saying “Dear soul, heart, mind and body of my soul, I love you. Thank you for supporting my life. I’m so honored and appreciative.” Connect with your soul heart to heart. Once you have said hello, ask a question like “Do you have a message for me today?” or “What is the best way to heal my relationship with my partner?” or “What are my blockages related to my depression?” You can ask any question as long as your question does not harm anyone else. Listen to the response from your soul with your heart, not your mind. Sometimes you may not hear words if this is new to you, but you may only have a feeling of love from your soul. That is ok too! Continue to practice this exercise to help open your soul communication channels. You will have amazing experiences if you practice daily.

In your journal today write down what your experience was doing this practice. Practice daily and see if you notice anything after a few days.

See the video to learn the practice on how to do soul communication. Have fun everyone!