Wow! Wow! Wow! Goa is beautiful and amazing. The frequency reminds me of the Big Island, Hawaii. On our way to the hotel we say many cows and yak on the green fields and roads. It was the countryside of India that we got to experience. The sky was blue with many beautiful palm trees. We are staying in a historical hotel in Panaji. This city was a colony of Portugal early in the century. The food and some of the architecture has influences from Portugal. The Catholic Church is also more prominent here than the rest of India. Master Sha this evening had a radio interview and some of the team had the time to rest. I talk a way to the beach late this afternoon and they had a big festival going on. It was the Goa International Film Festival. It was very lively and filled with many sweets. We just finished a business meeting and we are now off to bed…good night.