Day 8 Indian Sun God

The miracles keep happening in Mumbai. We started the day by meeting with PI Peter and Dr. VIjaya to plan on how to spread the Love Peace Harmony Movement worldwide. PI Peter is an amazing man with man abilities who desires to help Master Sha help humanity. You will learn more about the movement as it continues to take shape and form.

Later in the afternoon Master Sha meet with the paralyzed man again for further blessings. This time Master Sha offered him traditional acupuncture to stimulate the tendons and nervous system. Master Sha also offered him 4 blessings of Tao Healing Waves. The man had more improvement and continues to have more strength. I get that in one week he will have the ability to walk. The man needs to develop his muscles because he has not walked in two years.

In the evening we offered one of our students parents a healing blessing. The mother was so amazing. She said during the blessing from Master Sha that she saw the Indian Sun God and Moon God. She was filled with so much happiness and joy. We headed over to an evening workshop after the blessings and had amazing evening. As one of the demos I offered a sickness karma cleansing to a lady with severe knee pain and she was pain free afterwards. Thank you Divine. This has been an amazing day with so many miracles.

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