Yesterday was a wonderful day. Master Sha met with about 25 soul healers in Mumbai. This was the first time I meet them so I was very excited. They are all very lovely people and with absolutely amazing healing stories. We had a wonderful workshop where Master Sha offered some Tao teachings and offered each of them Love Peace Harmony Soul Mind Body Transplants. It was amazing to see that many western trained doctors are part of the group of soul healers. We created a short video clip to launch the Love Peace Harmony movement. It was so fun to chant and we also danced.

Later in the evening we had a media press conference. Two doctors who are soul healers started by sharing their healing stories. One doctor shared amazing healing stories of using the soul song Love Peace Harmony to heal her father from back pain. The story was so heart touching and inspiring. It was so exciting to see the media people so excited about Master Sha’s teachings that they did not want to leave at the end of the night. Each one received a sickness karma cleansing. One man had his knee pain completely healed, and another had great improvement in a shoulder injury. They were also very fascinated in getting a karma reading. It was a very fun evening.

I look forward to tomorrow to meet with PI Peter who is an amazing man from Chennai who will help us with the Love Peace Harmony movement.