Today we start our voyage to Mumbai. We have a team of about 16 people travel with us from Delhi to Mumbai. Paramjit and Anna are doing an amazing job coordinating us all. I give many thanks to them and the rest of the team.

As we were getting ready to land you can see many slums near the airport in Mumbai were people live in cardboard boxes and little shanty houses. Mumbai has the largest slum in Asia. As we drove to our hotel you can see extreme contrast of very posh homes and hotels, with people living in cardboard boxes next to them. There is a very strong need to bring soul healing and transformation to India. I believe in the future this will all change, but there will be a strong need for many people to spread the message of Soul Power in India.

In the evening we meet some influential India people who support Master Sha’s work. We had an amazing dinner with traditional Indian food. Wow!

I look forward to a new adventure tomorrow…take care everyone.