Today we had and intensive healing day in Delhi. Many healings occurred throughout the day, but the most profound was at the end when there was four blind people in the workshop. Master Sha offered the sickness karma cleansing, Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants, and The Pearl. We chanted for about 30-minutes for the group. Two out of the four people had improvement in their vision. This was quite remarkable to see. One of the persons who had no improvement had complete retina detachment, but we will continue to offer him blessings.

Master Sha had the opportunity to meet a man named PI Peters who is a key leader in Chennai empowering people in wellness. PI Peters will have towards the end of our India trip a gathering of over 10,000 people for Master Sha in Chennai. I can’t wait to see this! PI Peter’s dream is to have every household have at least 1 divine soul healer in India. This is an incredible dream and I think he can make it happen.

Later that night Master Sha had us meet late in the night and he received the inspiration for the Love Peace Harmony Movement to help heal and save humanity. As part of this movement people will receive divine soul treasures to offer healing blessings as they sing the Divine sacred soul song of Love Peace and Harmony. It was an honor to be part of the creation of this movement. You will all learn more about soon.

This was an incredible day and powerful way to begin spread the Divine Mission in India.