Today we had our first workshop in India. Immediately upon arriving a local TV station in Delhi wanted to film Master Sha We started by offering healing blessings. One request they had was that they wanted to have 3rd eye readings. I discovered in India that many people believe in 3rd eye images and many want to open their 3rd eye. It’s also amazing to see that about 95% of people in the workshop raised their hands when Master Sha asked how many people believe in karma. This is so great.

There were many miracle healings on the spot that had occurred. One man had a spinal column that was calcified that had great improvement. One lady had severe stomach pain that had great relief after a sickness karma cleansing. This is just a touch of the many miracles.

It was so exciting to also see the strong desire to become soul healers. We had over 12 new people on the first day receive the Divine Healing Hands. Many people in India desire to help others with soul healing. This is so incredible.

We all had a wonderful time and many extraordinary events happened on this day. Looking forward to the rest of the trip.