Day 2 Meeting with Baba Ji

Today I got to see the city of Delhi a little more. We are staying in New Delhi in the district of Connaught Place. We are near many embassies and government buildings. Two beautiful buildings we saw were the Red Fort and the India Gate.

We made a very historical and beautiful visit to see Baba Ji. His ashram is in old Delhi. On our way there I saw an elephant on the highway with thousands of other cars running along the highway. The grounds of Baba Ji’s organisation is HUGE, it’s run by the Nirankari mission. A few days earlier there was over 1 million people gathered here for a special spiritual gathering. You can see a large strip of land for about one mile with tents. The grounds are very beautiful and the center has a small museum that shows the history of the organization and the lineage of gurus.

Baba Ji’s son-in-law greeted us and we first got a short introduction and about 30-minutes later we had the honor to have an intimate meeting with Baba Ji. He was dressed in white traditional India clothing. You can feel his love very greatly, and he had a wonderful sense of humor. One of the things that has made his organization very large and powerful is the amount of volunteers they have. In every major country, city they have volunteer leaders who help to manage millions of volunteers who assist. This is quite profound and I believe is a key to helping to reach millions of people.

Master Sha then had the opportunity to offer some private healing blessings to a very people in the organization. The evening ended with talks about the possibility of having inviting Master Sha in the future to a large event to help spread healing and the message of Soul Power to India.

One thought on “Day 2 Meeting with Baba Ji

  1. Dear Francisco, your reports from India are very heart-touching. These people have suffered long and waited a long time for the light that has burst upon the scene with the arrival of Master Sha. I am so happy for you all and for Mother Earth. What wonderful experiences. LYLYLY.

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