Love melts all blockages is the teaching of Master Sha. This is the foundation of all of the practices that he teaches in order to heal, rejuvenate, transform all aspects of life, and prolong life. This may be easy to say, but sometimes difficult to do. It is necessary to truly enter in the condition of divine love in order to heal and purify our soul, heart, mind and body. When we are in the condition of divine love, the gates of heaven open up. God, all the buddhas and saints come down from heaven to bless you unconditionally.

To be in the condition of divine love is sacred and it is something that we should strive to be in on a daily basis. Our first baby step in this process is to chant simply Divine Love repeatedly.

Ask by saying hello: Dear soul, mind and body of divine love, I love you. Please assist me to enter into the condition of divine love. I’m honored and appreciative. Thank you.

You may need to do this several times a day at first to be in the condition of divine love, but later you will find that divine love is a part of who you are. You will become the presence of divine love. This is the power that Master Sha is teaching us. We are so blessed beyond words. Thank you Divine. Thank you Master Sha.