Hello everyone. Happy New Year! I wanted to share with everyone some good news. I’m beginning to write a small book titled Divine Joy: Living Joy in Daily Life. I wanted to give everyone a chance to experience the power that will be contained in this book.

Connect to the power of Divine’s joy to create Soul Healing Miracles life to be happier and healthier.

Here is a little practice from the book. I hope you enjoy it.

You can invoke the power of Universal Joy to offer joy to your family and friends like this:

Dear soul of Universal Joy,
I love you, honor you, and appreciate you.
Please offer joy to me, my family and friends [You can name your family and friends].
I very grateful.
Thank you.

Then repeat over and over again:

Universal Joy.
Universal Joy.
Universal Joy.
Universal Joy.

Practice for three to five minutes, the longer the better.

The soul of Universal Joy is a very BIG soul that will bless you and your loved ones with joy. You may feel a spark of joy, happy, or have inner peace with a few minutes of practice.

The soul of Universal Joy is an unconditional universal servant and will bless you with joy whenever you request. It is available to you twenty four hours a day.

We are so blessed that the Divine has given us a special treasure to bring joy into our life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With the greatest love and joy,

Master Francisco Quintero