What to Expect After You Receive Divine Soul Downloads

Divine Soul Downloads can be described as your yin companions that will bless all aspects of your life. These treasures carry divine frequency which carries divine love, divine forgiveness, divine light and divine compassion. Love melts all blockages. Forgiveness brings peace and inner joy. Light heals and blesses. Compassion boosts power. You can receive all of this to bless your organs, systems, energy centers or any aspect of your life.

So what can you expect when you receive a Divine Soul Download? It will vary from person to person. Some people may feel a strong vibration. You could feel warm or excited. Your body could shake a little. If you are not sensitive you may not feel anything. If you have your Third Eye open you may see a golden light being come to the area of your request.

The best thing you can do when you receive a Divine Soul Download is to have gratitude. A Divine Soul Download is a new soul created by the Divine for your request. This is a special honor that we have the opportunity to receive. The more gratitude and trust that we have in the treasures we have receive the more blessings that we will receive.

The key to healing, blessing, rejuvenation is to practice using the Divine Soul Downloads. The more that we practice using these Divine Downloads the more blessings we will receive. It is like being with God when you practice with these treasures. We are blessed.

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